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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Vampires resurrection in LG battles12.20, 16:051The One Ring12.20, 16:05, by The One Ring
Robber`s bow bugged?12.19, 20:0015#7490Tatar6712.20, 09:26, by Expert_BOT
Cant join minor tournament++12.13, 22:144exo12.14, 19:04, by #7490Meshy
Group Battles12.09, 17:165WizzyM12.11, 17:37, by WizzyM
Mercenaries' guild12.06, 20:208#7490-Cip-12.07, 18:25, by #7490-Cip-
MG link sends me to Russian server12.06, 17:513#1597Modi12.06, 22:17, by #1597Modi
CG link sends me to Russian server12.06, 18:025FredySky12.06, 21:11, by #7490Nazra
Wrong WG hunt description10.07, 01:023#1209latawica12.01, 00:32, by #1209latawica
i cannot see any combat logs.11.28, 03:4211#4201virtual_vitrea11.28, 13:18, by #823General Zod
Leadership's guild recruitment page doesn't work on firefox11.20, 14:431#7490gonlador11.20, 14:43, by #7490gonlador
245th Survival Tournament results merged with 244th11.05, 08:261Xhuda11.05, 08:26, by Xhuda
resurrection did not work with brutes11.01, 10:343#7705Lord MilesTeg11.01, 11:25, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
Problem with your web server not responding?10.26, 17:441PapaBone10.26, 17:44, by PapaBone
Typo in donate page10.24, 11:521Herko10.24, 11:52, by Herko
Tengus are missing icon on Leaders' Guild page10.17, 09:579Omar Contreras10.20, 05:35, by grif
Ring of faith missing buy option09.28, 19:304I am King of Kings10.06, 02:21, by #7490Meshy
Payment page problem with js?09.23, 06:231PapaBone09.23, 06:23, by PapaBone
Typo in construction description06.05, 16:512Aurelija09.21, 09:05, by #15Beliar
Sailor Devil's Reactive Armor Skill, not showing In-Battle09.04, 00:003Ipsen09.11, 11:28, by #15Beliar
Re:09.04, 14:263kirito609.04, 17:38, by #7490Meshy
'My Turn' sound in tournament08.30, 21:201PapaBone08.30, 21:20, by PapaBone
Link to diamonds08.26, 04:556PapaBone08.26, 12:20, by #7490Meshy
30 day hunting license08.19, 23:284#7705Silent108.22, 02:13, by #7705Silent1
Shortcut option make Changing faction while in 'challenge' possible08.16, 15:444PapaBone08.16, 17:38, by #7490Meshy
Wrong mechanism of Lethargizing malady08.16, 15:311SwiftGirl08.16, 15:31, by SwiftGirl
Hunting License08.13, 00:042Murmur08.13, 00:27, by Murmur
modify the description of "lode coated"08.10, 01:492guyb08.10, 01:49, by guyb
barrier and resistance not stacking08.05, 21:503guyb08.06, 11:07, by Nowar
Missing battle log for Blindfold tourney08.01, 17:513RicHunter08.02, 10:36, by RicHunter
Leader's shield08.02, 09:161Bewear08.02, 09:16, by Bewear

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