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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Shadow barbarian troops issue in watchers guild07.04, 08:371Murali07.04, 08:37, by Murali
Warrior Guild07.04, 01:252#9595Dejia07.04, 01:26, by #9595Dejia
Game logging me out when I just have log in10.10, 14:569#4201Calamity06.27, 12:23, by #4201Calamity
Harbor City Mithril Longsword06.12, 14:305#9595Dejia06.12, 17:30, by #7490Meshy
Bug with adding krovak on my friends list06.10, 21:493escutcheon06.10, 22:20, by escutcheon
Unavailable error06.09, 19:583Murali06.10, 21:47, by escutcheon
Mysterious epidemic campaign needs ENGLSIH10.24, 12:435Lord selfist06.03, 16:22, by #7490Meshy
A different error with Roulette05.31, 19:291Xhuda05.31, 19:29, by Xhuda
tavern card does not change visual05.20, 04:271DoomStJohn05.20, 04:27, by DoomStJohn
RicHunter stuck in combat04.29, 21:014#4201Calamity05.04, 09:28, by #7490Meshy
My LG level04.27, 07:533#1209bp9904.27, 12:34, by #7490Meshy
get nothing from a hunt04.26, 06:303#1209bp9904.27, 07:50, by #1209bp99
Roulette04.18, 15:183Cersei04.20, 22:39, by Cersei
Name Change12.06, 17:0310Member04.20, 19:37, by #17Beliar
no connection with server. Trying to connect12.25, 22:463LihoOdnoglazoe04.20, 19:34, by #17Beliar
Excuse me but why is this hunt exist?03.27, 15:318kchong03.30, 06:49, by grif
MG quest numbering03.03, 22:073The One Ring03.05, 20:20, by #7490DarknessWizard
Core Dragons armament image does not show03.01, 21:562#4201Calamity03.02, 00:35, by The One Ring
Dumb AI03.01, 12:421#9595Mocos03.01, 12:42, by #9595Mocos
I can not accept entrance to the guild.02.04, 01:465TexTarCZ02.05, 02:12, by #7490Meshy
selfist stuck in battle02.01, 19:551Jitulek02.01, 19:55, by Jitulek
Mercenaries Guild Points Reset01.31, 20:053BloodyOrchid01.31, 22:02, by BloodyOrchid
Cannot start battle in campaign01.20, 23:303Aurelija01.20, 23:54, by Aurelija
Can't cast mass spells properly12.14, 14:024The One Ring01.13, 21:33, by #7490Meshy
Getting Trinkets01.07, 03:105#10886techy01.07, 13:03, by #7490Meshy
Hero action issue12.27, 00:365BloodyOrchid12.30, 01:43, by BloodyOrchid
My elixirs dissapeared12.24, 07:283Aurelija12.24, 08:46, by Aurelija
Vampires resurrection in LG battles12.20, 16:051The One Ring12.20, 16:05, by The One Ring
Robber`s bow bugged?12.19, 20:0015#7490Tatar6712.20, 09:26, by Expert_BOT
Cant join minor tournament++12.13, 22:144exo12.14, 19:04, by #7490Meshy

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