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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
unable to leave military clan04.09, 16:282Lord-Milad04.09, 19:12, by dariel
Donate problem04.06, 18:221Great Sutech04.06, 18:22, by Great Sutech
Repeared item dissapeared from inventory ?!03.25, 13:406Thevoices04.01, 21:54, by Thevoices
wrong units04.01, 09:404#1790roynov0104.01, 12:47, by Kaesetoast
Event with friend03.28, 00:491#9595Dejia03.28, 00:49, by #9595Dejia
Typo with immaterial ability?03.23, 12:391#7490Setsunu03.23, 12:39, by #7490Setsunu
not able to chat with anyone during battle03.09, 09:4313relex4ever03.21, 23:02, by #4201virtual_vitrea
"Recruit you Troops" error, it throws back to character game continiou03.21, 22:381Khagan Hun03.21, 22:38, by Khagan Hun
Máster hunter license03.08, 01:551OptimusKnight03.08, 01:55, by OptimusKnight
Valentines Day02.14, 00:3318#1209Leander03.07, 16:25, by SirM0rphius
enroll03.06, 23:186#1597Issy40403.06, 23:34, by #7490Meshy
LG troops from combat not added.03.02, 22:052#9595Igles03.02, 23:04, by #9595Igles
Error message on replay in survival tournament02.22, 20:186DoomStJohn02.24, 23:10, by DoomStJohn
Valentine's Cards Thieves - combat does not start02.14, 00:189krovak02.14, 04:13, by #7490gonlador
Loop02.14, 02:092Lady Balam02.14, 02:10, by #9595bp99
Declared as in a challenge while I'm not02.14, 02:071#9595bp9902.14, 02:07, by #9595bp99
AI's units have almost all different initiative % bonus01.26, 17:334#12447Lawton02.04, 22:59, by #12447Lawton
Retaliate right after retaliation without any indication01.17, 22:073#7279kingyb01.18, 19:15, by The One Ring
No sound in combat11.07, 10:114Tyrant2101.11, 15:27, by 007z
Christmas reward images12.24, 03:183#9595Dejia12.24, 15:30, by Feainnewedd
Sales typos12.13, 18:351Marquis Thornwald12.13, 18:35, by Marquis Thornwald
Cannot work12.06, 01:082Xarabas12.06, 01:17, by #4201virtual_vitrea
transfer problems12.04, 01:171Skoczek12.04, 01:17, by Skoczek
Ricochet shot11.25, 17:524Mega Demon11.26, 00:26, by #7490Meshy
Make arrows on travel wheel smaller10.22, 12:3512#4201Calamity11.05, 18:10, by #4201Calamity
No control over troops in LeG tournement (CG type)11.03, 14:121#1209mellor11.03, 14:12, by #1209mellor
Adventures Guild giving wrong results in all Campaigns for me !!!!10.09, 19:143#7705elven_blade10.09, 20:22, by #7490Meshy
Hunts with different level players09.25, 04:439siddi111109.29, 12:13, by #7490Meshy
Defense have ended days ago log still says "currently defending"08.27, 14:532#4201Calamity09.27, 17:16, by #4201Calamity
This error is so annoying08.17, 23:252Ipsen08.17, 23:27, by #7490Meshy

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