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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Update the Laborers’ Guild table in “about the game”01.25, 09:002Hunter Thompson02.17, 20:56, by #7490Meshy
map not working in Puffin02.10, 17:188Ipsen02.13, 23:33, by Ipsen
Mithril Staff Not in the List for Economic Statistics02.04, 09:493Vurdmeister02.04, 14:53, by #7490Meshy
Great Experiment - not able to view battle by copy sometimes02.01, 11:288Bheem02.04, 09:07, by Bheem
BAttle not ended when all enemy troops are dead02.01, 12:422#7705Lord MilesTeg02.01, 13:00, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
not able to access website through laptop01.25, 09:353Bheem01.25, 13:56, by Bheem
troops settlement01.21, 08:352Bheem01.21, 20:10, by Bheem
disturb01.14, 07:292DDaamnAddMMins01.14, 07:33, by #4201Corey
Diamond Transaction01.09, 03:306thomas1401.10, 09:28, by thomas14
Clan description12.26, 00:102RecorderPT12.27, 22:03, by Divit
Minor tournament Machmaking12.18, 22:562velniukstis12.19, 22:01, by k9isback
Level bug12.17, 21:103Shino_Wolf12.17, 23:26, by Shino_Wolf
Wrong initial conditions of titan's valley12.12, 19:401Wonderla12.12, 19:40, by Wonderla
shroud of darkness BUG12.08, 04:004#7490Mathijs12.10, 01:30, by #4201Magier
Wild Reflexes of Wild Griffins does not appear in Info12.07, 23:472Ipsen12.08, 00:43, by Ipsen
Dungeon Cage Bug12.04, 20:273Xhuda12.04, 22:46, by #4201Corey
Bug in Damage Indicator11.28, 03:393Naturef11.28, 16:41, by Naturef
Bug in def combat log11.16, 17:222#1209latawica11.17, 22:53, by #1209latawica
Shadow Barb in WG still has old units11.16, 23:341Ipsen11.16, 23:34, by Ipsen
No certificate11.04, 12:1613#4201ParaLeul11.15, 21:24, by #4201Magier
Talent wheel - fury barbarian problem11.05, 11:323Bheem11.06, 06:29, by Bheem
Stuck in Nightmare10.31, 00:2516Xhuda10.31, 06:49, by Wizy
Event battle filter - go with a friend - not working10.08, 01:4411RicHunter10.12, 01:32, by RicHunter
I cant hunt09.19, 00:2230#7490markec11110.06, 18:40, by #7490markec111
Auto appears, then dissapears09.30, 23:394Ipsen10.01, 19:37, by Divit
Cant use fireball and ice ring09.25, 11:113Veer_K09.25, 12:12, by Veer_K
help08.30, 11:423hjordrup08.31, 10:36, by hjordrup
Pirate blade07.18, 23:572#8160lord fallen08.21, 15:39, by #8160lord fallen
autobutton doesn't work properly08.18, 13:212agent_00408.18, 13:23, by agent_004
Luck did not function08.09, 17:114Lawton08.11, 21:34, by #7490Meshy

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