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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Enroll Wage07.30, 10:345Bewear07.31, 17:03, by #15Beliar
Upgrading creature bug07.27, 10:161Nowar07.27, 10:16, by Nowar
Why are map locations, both in Russian and English in .Com?07.13, 00:496Ipsen07.25, 12:27, by Wonderla
can you help me with this enroll code?06.19, 09:481#7490Mordent06.19, 09:48, by #7490Mordent
the new critical changes of elf05.30, 12:006shurikenmaster06.07, 09:00, by #15Beliar
Stormcallers "summon storm" description error03.24, 20:568Hoxton06.05, 18:48, by #15Beliar
Add to medusa description ability - stoning!05.26, 22:455Majesticos05.28, 17:14, by #15Beliar
Typo in "About the Game"01.19, 03:379Flying_Penguin05.20, 09:49, by #15Beliar
wasp spell in portal of time04.19, 13:321RevolutionRebel04.19, 13:32, by RevolutionRebel
Typo in Tournaments03.27, 09:352Optimus - Prime04.04, 08:16, by #15Beliar
Diamond Donations12.28, 01:104FXANI03.27, 16:42, by #15Beliar
Getting the same WG quest for three consecutive days12.29, 01:436dariel03.27, 16:27, by #15Beliar
DDaamnAddMMins03.11, 13:297DaamnAdMMins03.27, 16:14, by #15Beliar
lodestone ability description03.19, 23:463guyb03.23, 00:16, by Ipsen
Bug: Event Pirate raids: Cannons - Monster bane -Large creatures03.16, 01:395#7490Rorthgar03.17, 15:21, by #7490Rorthgar
AG accounted just 1 point after a successful campaign03.09, 15:134Puzzola03.09, 18:40, by Puzzola
Misleading trip to East Island03.07, 18:361#7490Setsunu03.07, 18:36, by #7490Setsunu
Get stuck when entering into a WG battle02.27, 02:072bptt02.27, 02:09, by bptt
diamond purchase02.24, 04:316#7705Albriech02.24, 18:08, by #7705Albriech
Update the Laborers’ Guild table in “about the game”01.25, 09:002Hunter Thompson02.17, 20:56, by #7490Meshy
map not working in Puffin02.10, 17:188Ipsen02.13, 23:33, by Ipsen
Mithril Staff Not in the List for Economic Statistics02.04, 09:493Vurdmeister02.04, 14:53, by #7490Meshy
Great Experiment - not able to view battle by copy sometimes02.01, 11:288Bheem02.04, 09:07, by Bheem
BAttle not ended when all enemy troops are dead02.01, 12:422#7705Lord MilesTeg02.01, 13:00, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
not able to access website through laptop01.25, 09:353Bheem01.25, 13:56, by Bheem
troops settlement01.21, 08:352Bheem01.21, 20:10, by Bheem
disturb01.14, 07:292DDaamnAddMMins01.14, 07:33, by #4201Corey
Diamond Transaction01.09, 03:306thomas1401.10, 09:28, by thomas14
Clan description12.26, 00:102RecorderPT12.27, 22:03, by Divit
Minor tournament Machmaking12.18, 22:562velniukstis12.19, 22:01, by k9isback

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