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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Roulette not working!!01.09, 07:547prashinv01.10, 17:57, by Lord Hallion91
Opted for Mixed CG Battle but got a Duel instead.01.05, 14:252AKA01.09, 03:23, by Skoczek
Army of cold disappeared by passing by hunt01.01, 20:542Hiltrud01.01, 21:01, by Hiltrud
Double coward by goblin trappers12.30, 16:591Skoczek12.30, 16:59, by Skoczek
Sphynx Challenge Unavailable for 2nd Alt12.25, 09:284Xhuda12.25, 19:18, by Xhuda
Weird name for item12.25, 18:582CertifiedRogue12.25, 18:59, by CertifiedRogue
flash shockwave crashing everytime i want to buy items via market12.19, 07:016#7490Lord spiral-doom12.20, 15:29, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
Formula for resistance to elemental damage from weapons12.18, 18:142#1209Lord Zehir12.19, 13:58, by #4201Magier
chain lightnin' bug..12.13, 17:116guyb12.17, 08:56, by Ipsen
Fortification Vs Teleport12.08, 21:033Ipsen12.09, 12:11, by Ipsen
Possession doesn't work the same for AI12.06, 00:402Derelict12.06, 03:08, by Sylin
I did not level up TG with event battle11.30, 14:573Slust11.30, 17:40, by Slust
Battlewise wizard's soldier's luck talent06.14, 14:0710Lord Hallion9111.28, 13:09, by Unbearable Guy
MG misprints11.28, 13:071Unbearable Guy11.28, 13:07, by Unbearable Guy
Stuck in WG quest..11.27, 13:211#7490_-_Kratos_-_11.27, 13:21, by #7490_-_Kratos_-_
'Assault' ability (Liz Assailtant) is srsly bugged in Eofos11.23, 23:591Ipsen11.23, 23:59, by Ipsen
Did not receive additional primary skill upon reaching combat lvl 711.17, 10:584crabby9911.17, 13:23, by crabby99
Enrollment Code not working10.05, 06:188dcsniper8911.08, 15:01, by ULTRA_XEROX
unable to start mercenaries guild quest at rogues wood11.03, 17:564tunaphish11.05, 05:05, by randomr1
Hunt Creatures In WG Not Visible10.17, 06:073randomr110.28, 04:13, by Bheem
Talent change affects Alt faction10.13, 20:191Derelict10.13, 20:19, by Derelict
Participation in Random tournament denied for me more than 10 times10.12, 22:154escutcheon10.13, 06:24, by Usbeorn
troubles while enrolling10.11, 15:232GoalkeeperAnsar10.11, 15:55, by Skoczek
AI bug10.08, 14:136Bheem10.09, 13:34, by Lord Hallion91
favoured enemy of elf for alt factions10.04, 07:4414Bheem10.05, 07:57, by randomr1
Auto-settlement in pre-combat doesn't work for some new MG quests07.25, 10:225Lord Hallion9110.02, 18:46, by Lord Hallion91
Talent skill 'Concentration' not working10.02, 02:411TheKnightsss10.02, 02:41, by TheKnightsss
Consume corpse unable to "consume" on other troops09.30, 19:364Usbeorn10.01, 15:30, by ElfPride
Donate07.23, 01:354Samaron09.16, 10:36, by Tohlakas
Last minute to wait for Mercenary quests09.10, 20:018#7153DEATHisNEAR09.15, 05:22, by Bheem

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