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Problems and errors (general)


Topic Date
Author Last message
Poison ability broken07.08, 19:537The One Ring07.13, 00:16, by #4201Magier
Shadow mistresses delay07.07, 00:046#4201_Sworks_07.08, 19:31, by #4201_Sworks_
Contest Site07.07, 12:201Joycelyn07.07, 12:20, by Joycelyn
Character with '*' in their name07.02, 17:384Alatun07.03, 14:59, by #4201Magier
Did not advance level on Survilurg battle07.02, 19:471#7490Tindios07.02, 19:47, by #7490Tindios
Typo in MG reward sentence06.11, 17:202Wonderla06.27, 11:17, by Bfriudo
My account is jailed - please help me06.20, 10:384Dogwoggle06.22, 11:08, by #15Beliar
Bug with enrolling and summer bonus06.07, 10:543Xentara06.16, 17:37, by Hammer Thrower
Point after AI in battle Griffin Vs Manticore06.13, 00:022ALADRIEL2906.13, 17:31, by #1209latviesu lords
Poor english06.04, 12:127#4201Mihaip06.07, 11:04, by #15Beliar
battle chat05.15, 11:564Bheem05.17, 10:55, by #15Beliar
Bug report05.12, 06:542SwiftGirl05.12, 06:54, by SwiftGirl
Watchers' Guild02.28, 11:013Bheem05.10, 13:20, by #15Beliar
I dont see an object in inventory03.01, 02:343ALADRIEL2905.10, 12:51, by #15Beliar
Blade of Doom vs Azure Dragons03.03, 16:554Derelict05.06, 11:35, by #9595red-ant
Bug in the campaign?03.21, 07:034Evergreener05.06, 11:20, by #9595red-ant
Not see Estate on market03.07, 05:242darkelf8405.06, 10:41, by #15Beliar
Disappearing forum messages.07.16, 02:246#4201Corey05.02, 19:31, by #7490Lord STB
Bug in Talent Selection for Elf faction04.28, 22:524#7490Tsurvosh05.01, 15:02, by randomr1
Bug: Bad luck befalls on boars when I have no negative luck on my troops.04.29, 15:172#4201virtual_vitrea04.29, 16:59, by Fallen Atheros
MG Elements drop not showing04.27, 19:301#9595eddy_immanuel04.27, 19:30, by #9595eddy_immanuel
cavalry does not recruit even after recruiting03.13, 17:4015DE_Lord_of_wam04.11, 16:14, by moro888
I can't repair my artifact03.21, 15:442SonMike03.22, 10:02, by SonMike
Bug: Stuck in challenge03.21, 15:562Helghast03.22, 04:25, by Helghast
bug: You are in a challenge03.21, 07:553KOF Z03.21, 10:19, by KOF Z
Bug in the game03.14, 18:121moro88803.14, 18:12, by moro888
mg quest not starting 2 21:25 plz help03.07, 21:281room123403.07, 21:28, by room1234
"Incorrect bid" message shown while attempting to purchase lot with fi02.29, 23:422Bfriudo03.07, 15:02, by Bfriudo
Crusade failed on Possessed Warlords02.25, 13:548Derelict02.11, 13:20, by Derelict
Killed all enemy but combat not ended02.01, 00:353#7705Lord MilesTeg02.01, 00:42, by #7705Lord MilesTeg

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