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7 Years !!03.01, 14:287The-Chosen103.04, 17:39, by thedarkdevil
I dont feel like living anymore!02.17, 20:5533ultra_baba03.04, 14:49, by Lord Hallion91
Motorola Moto G03.01, 10:187Allamba03.04, 11:56, by AKA
No one takes me seriously02.25, 22:5719The-Chosen103.02, 04:37, by Grusharaburas
Death note.01.27, 12:5420#4201virtual_vitrea02.28, 17:35, by
Water spilled on my keyboard.02.22, 09:426#4201virtual_vitrea02.26, 16:01, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Idols02.23, 23:026The-Chosen102.26, 13:45, by thedarkdevil
Overpowered Necro02.25, 17:5110gowthamg02.25, 18:40, by #7490Lord STB
How to flirt with girls ^^01.26, 13:2761seanckx02.25, 17:59, by Jon Battleborn
Buy Iphone 5s or wait for Iphone 602.18, 09:2413timozek02.20, 22:06, by shubhamgoyal
Which one would you chose?02.13, 00:5422_1rip1_02.19, 00:45, by _1rip1_
2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games02.05, 23:328Worf02.18, 20:08, by Jon Battleborn
The Roulette Winning tip02.16, 16:012Optimus Prime02.16, 17:41, by Lord KD
Valentine's Week , Proposals happen as we speak.. :P02.08, 13:0712#9595Igles02.15, 09:33, by #9595Igles
V-Day <302.14, 18:182IIDarkManII02.14, 18:32, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone ^_^02.14, 18:252sexy_girlz198902.14, 18:29, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Dota 2 ?07.11, 09:476CopyNinja02.14, 11:32, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
My story and struggle02.12, 14:5649Optimus Prime02.13, 17:01, by Optimus Prime
Doctor Who12.02, 15:3021Lord harddude02.08, 16:31, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
What do you usually have for breakfast?02.06, 20:1213Worf02.08, 08:56, by Tebber
how to remove saved password and username frm any website tht we are login to?02.06, 11:148warrior10002.08, 03:55, by Grusharaburas
FIFA WC Brazil 201412.07, 17:1954Lord KD02.05, 23:42, by Worf
hottest girls on LWM01.27, 14:0711d0ctorwho01.30, 18:32, by Worf
roms and emulators01.29, 06:423d0ctorwho01.29, 09:15, by d0ctorwho
Android compatibility01.16, 14:2110Lord T100001.27, 11:59, by Lord T1000
Lottery01.23, 13:341CENARIUS01.23, 13:34, by CENARIUS
game cube roms01.21, 00:171Lady Abby01.21, 00:17, by Lady Abby
Bar "At Mount"01.19, 22:398BORIS200201.20, 23:06, by Anony-mouse
Justin Biebers House Raided01.15, 01:568Worf01.18, 11:36, by devin_2011
Terrorist attack01.02, 19:551501.16, 18:56, by russiankid

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