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Herald Behind08.18, 10:4214Gaara11.04, 11:24, by Lord Hallion91
World cup10.11, 13:3418#7153DEATHisNEAR10.20, 11:55, by #7490paladinleader
RIP Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir07.27, 19:5014Stephen Clark10.20, 09:20, by siddi1111
Script - Army sets10.11, 18:0710Angel of Death10.13, 18:45, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
chat moderators10.13, 00:353Skarbonke10.13, 01:40, by #4201Corey
Football Tournament U-1509.30, 08:412bloody_funky09.30, 10:50, by Wonderla
how many people in your life you would like to see dead09.29, 01:032Skarbonke09.29, 01:37, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Useful links of LWM06.16, 20:4913Grasshopper09.20, 14:51, by #4201ParaLeul
Sing About Me09.17, 20:204Lord Started09.17, 20:56, by Lord Started
Football/Soccer Fans08.19, 23:5917Conna090509.10, 01:33, by Conna0905
Maths and Physics (Problems)03.19, 12:50130narutoayan09.02, 17:59, by #7705death2all
Longest time to level up from 9 to 10.08.25, 22:4610Lord Chance1208.27, 11:20, by pumpainais
Need to find this song08.24, 12:157#7490Dark_Snow08.25, 21:22, by randomr1
Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]04.11, 10:2741916Lord Baweja08.19, 11:28, by #4201Arctic
Dead Guild /Commander guild05.22, 17:488Gaara07.29, 14:27, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
dark elves plz dont block me07.21, 19:4628Lord Mahendra_1107.25, 12:21, by Lord Hallion91
that's not equality05.18, 08:1329Stupefy07.19, 07:16, by vicky666
Progress Bar script07.13, 21:104Malice07.13, 21:19, by MarineBiologist
Freedom Foreva05.30, 16:487thomas1407.13, 08:29, by Lord Hallion91
Post your Crazy Heroes!06.27, 10:556Lord Xander66606.28, 09:28, by Stupefy
Top Modern Rock Songs (People's Opinion)04.05, 07:1535Stupefy06.25, 15:00, by vbFifi
League of legends06.25, 10:464chikish06.25, 14:48, by vbFifi
The world most richest player in lordswm[not including Empire]06.21, 12:1222warrior10006.24, 08:47, by randomr1
Perfect irony06.23, 05:0813Awesome199306.23, 05:58, by MarineBiologist
Do you already own HMM VII?06.10, 14:528Angel of Death06.15, 22:23, by #7490-Cip-
Ask Me Anything: LWM Edition05.27, 15:0710#7705Loafoant06.01, 11:41, by Lord Hallion91
Best of The Forum !04.02, 20:082Optimus Prime05.22, 18:38, by -Optimus Prime-
Associations05.01, 18:54392Lord ashem05.22, 18:09, by Gaara
Roulette03.27, 07:356Angons05.19, 09:41, by #11370кранес
World Scholar's Cup05.15, 18:091Emperor Rahul-V05.15, 18:09, by Emperor Rahul-V

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