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who is this ?05.25, 00:095ultra_baba06.01, 14:14, by Lord Hallion91
God and Religion02.23, 20:40120The-Chosen105.28, 17:49, by Grunge
When do you tell a girl that you like/love her?02.14, 18:4041sexy_girlz198905.23, 14:18, by Lord Hallion91
judges work really "good" in worlds champ in minsk05.20, 16:5912Rendijs78905.21, 02:34, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Miss or Hit!!!!!! [GAME]05.08, 14:382Pravin J05.18, 16:07, by Pravin J
Mother's Day05.11, 13:044Sultan99905.12, 21:49, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Auction buy-out limit o.O05.06, 13:095Anony-mouse05.07, 15:36, by Lord Hallion91
Need Help ! with Job04.22, 11:5326Pravin J05.02, 20:57, by Pravin J
#7687 Anti-Wizard Constipation04.30, 20:155#7705Warlock naviron05.02, 14:14, by Lord Hallion91
wealthy04.20, 17:4626techbarb04.30, 19:56, by Lord Hallion91
Parallel Universe04.26, 21:5814BitchFAPlease04.29, 14:36, by sv_siddarth
People spending money on online games04.23, 12:4037BitchFAPlease04.28, 18:55, by Worf
Funny Forum Posts12.12, 20:5314Pravin J04.22, 17:46, by Pravin J
Pluto is back on the charts !!!04.01, 18:4413#9595Igles04.20, 10:40, by #9595Igles
Laughter Is The Best Medicine.04.11, 13:295sexy_girlz198904.15, 11:59, by Worf
Remember when? A thread for old-timers to talk about when this game was new03.23, 15:5528Xhuda04.14, 17:19, by Xhuda
Heavy Metal Guitar04.08, 16:078siddi111104.13, 12:29, by _1rip1_
Childhood Memories03.31, 09:3923Mage Forever04.05, 11:26, by #9595Igles
Empire will you marry me?01.10, 15:1180lik04.03, 09:34, by PrettyElf
Goodbye dear lords04.01, 23:058devin_201104.02, 12:00, by devin_2011
Tomorrow Strike in Lordswm04.01, 19:5512Pravin J04.02, 10:10, by Pravin J
Skyrim04.02, 06:312d0ctorwho04.02, 06:37, by Grusharaburas
Giving free04.01, 17:3622PrettyElf04.01, 20:26, by PrettyElf
Copy-Paste [Game]03.31, 16:076PrettyElf03.31, 16:44, by Tri-Force
1st April03.31, 14:126PrettyElf03.31, 15:06, by #9595Tony
Virtual Lords03.28, 10:5210Lucid-Naz03.30, 01:51, by Worf
Vella illa Pathadari -Movie03.28, 11:005Pravin J03.28, 14:04, by ElfPride
Inspirational people in lords of war and money!03.14, 18:417devin_201103.28, 10:33, by devin_2011
Today is El Clasico!03.23, 11:068_elf_007_03.24, 15:35, by _1rip1_
Doctor Who clan03.23, 03:589d0ctorwho03.23, 22:12, by d0ctorwho

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