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Web Developers12.13, 19:524Loafoant12.15, 07:18, by Loafoant
The Ballon d'or 201312.14, 17:163bloody_funky12.14, 17:25, by #4201Arctic
Funny line by takesister,thanks for chat i had a nice year12.29, 09:5434jpravin12.13, 14:28, by Pravin J
Knight Creatures Drawings12.13, 09:032#6311usagabro12.13, 09:34, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
My Nickname Change12.11, 19:3519Lord Syrian12.12, 19:28, by Lord Syrian
What is this figure12.11, 12:572Lord DwArFeRy12.11, 13:01, by #7705Warlock naviron
Awesome Me12.09, 17:5630Fury_Barb12.11, 09:18, by Fury_Barb
11-12-1312.10, 20:176#7705-_NO--NAME_-12.11, 03:11, by #7705-_NO--NAME_-
2010 Fight12.10, 00:491#6311usagabro12.10, 00:49, by #6311usagabro
Nelson Mandela Passes away...12.06, 05:4919#7705-_NO--NAME_-12.08, 10:07, by vicky666
game letters/charcters12.07, 06:221ULTRA_XEROX12.07, 06:22, by ULTRA_XEROX
Easy way to get money11.28, 06:1229#6311usagabro12.06, 23:09, by Worf
R.I.P Paul Walker :(12.06, 11:032_elf_007_12.06, 12:43, by Lord KD
richest player03.09, 08:5250#7279hohohogodly12.06, 10:07, by Archmage Shawn
ever feel like this game hates you?12.06, 06:076Lady Abby12.06, 08:33, by Lady Abby
Carefully double-check everything before you join any tournaments11.25, 10:347liuker12.06, 01:51, by _1rip1_
Impossible to win with knight11.27, 23:2131#6311usagabro12.05, 07:53, by ElfPride
Should i donate or buy a PS vita?12.05, 03:243#6311usagabro12.05, 03:42, by #4201Lord Khellendros
Easyiest Match ever12.04, 10:039#6311usagabro12.05, 03:18, by #6311usagabro
R I P Paul Walker12.01, 11:0617Lord KD12.04, 19:53, by TraceFF
Images like Self-Carving12.01, 19:497#7705-_NO--NAME_-12.04, 17:34, by #7705-_NO--NAME_-
Help12.03, 00:335_1rip1_12.04, 14:01, by #4201ParaLeul
World of Warcraft upcoming expansion - Warlords of Draenor11.25, 19:303Worf11.28, 20:53, by Lord harddude
<3Heath Ledger<311.21, 15:257devin_201111.28, 19:41, by devin_2011
Interviews with the Lords of War and Money11.20, 14:0012Lucid-Naz11.28, 18:19, by Lord harddude
heros of war and money or lords of war and money11.13, 09:5326__god__11.24, 17:34, by Sir Lord_Ankur
Movies; kinda new to new releases09.24, 12:2928Lucid-Naz11.24, 10:40, by Stupefy
Bye All :(11.21, 17:177_elf_007_11.22, 12:53, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Narnia11.19, 13:436MacroFlighter111.21, 17:44, by #1209ayush20
Who is it ?11.05, 20:3713Lord DwArFeRy11.18, 14:27, by #7705-_NO--NAME_-

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