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Cheap TGI !08.29, 16:3513Khight-of-nine09.06, 16:35, by qio
TGI rent to billybaxter209.06, 15:381Lord Kiskoko09.06, 15:38, by Lord Kiskoko
TGI for rent09.06, 09:052#7185Lord Deivax09.06, 09:07, by acas
[RENT] Sword of might [I10E10A10W10] 800 per battle09.05, 22:431Lord _force_09.05, 22:43, by Lord _force_
Hba Rent Returns - with Enchanted Rare Arts09.04, 12:0013Lord Erebes09.05, 17:02, by Lord Erebes
New service of art renting09.03, 18:284Silverelite09.05, 13:43, by Silverelite
renting TGI09.02, 08:066-WIND-09.05, 12:29, by -WIND-
[Rent] Thief Guild Invite.08.30, 03:0330Lord Decrous09.05, 02:48, by Lord Decrous
TGI for rent09.05, 02:121BlueMoon09.05, 02:12, by BlueMoon
I will take two rings09.04, 18:021zybik09.04, 18:02, by zybik
TGI leasing - GREAT OFFER !!!09.02, 22:393Lord KelThusad09.04, 13:25, by Lord KelThusad
leasing amulet of luck09.04, 09:411cosmo263409.04, 09:41, by cosmo2634
Needing to rent TGI09.03, 17:132connor89209.03, 20:15, by Smaskir
TGI leasing =)09.02, 20:322Lord Stranger09.03, 01:48, by Ilmater
TGI for rent09.01, 13:435#7490ElfMoon09.02, 19:01, by Lady fruc
TGI for leasing08.23, 22:5716Lord SIDERISKA09.02, 18:20, by Lord SIDERISKA
TGI for rent09.02, 03:221BlueMoon09.02, 03:22, by BlueMoon
RENT enchant 110%08.30, 06:563Lord BoJIoD9I09.01, 23:28, by Lord BoJIoD9I
[Rent] Hunter set weaponcrafted +6% add dmg 1000 per battle09.01, 19:241Lord Argentino09.01, 19:24, by Lord Argentino
Thief set for rent (+ 39% more damage)08.29, 09:005nnt00009.01, 16:07, by nnt000
Steel arts and MH sets rent.08.29, 08:525Bildukas09.01, 11:16, by Bildukas
Rent invitation thief08.30, 19:3912Lord _FeLiX_08.31, 20:00, by Lord _FeLiX_
-= Thief Syndicate rents out TGIs. Roadrunners Challenge =-07.30, 17:41148Lord DeadDed08.31, 13:18, by Lord DeadDed
renting list cheap arts08.31, 12:441expert08.31, 12:44, by expert
rent thief invitation08.31, 08:531joao166708.31, 08:53, by joao1667
[RENT] Hunter set: 800 ----------------------- MH set: 3.00008.31, 00:411LITWIN08.31, 00:41, by LITWIN
[RENT] Hunter set: 800 ----------------------- MH set: 2.60008.31, 00:321LITWIN08.31, 00:32, by LITWIN
Sale ! Sale ! Sale ! Sale !08.24, 11:358Lord Erebes08.30, 17:59, by Lord Erebes
(Cheap RENT) Thief Dagger E9A9W9 + Thief Amulet08.21, 01:5728Lord Someon308.30, 14:47, by #4201aRU
[RENT] - 800 gold per fight ------------------- Hunter Set08.18, 13:45113LITWIN08.30, 11:29, by LITWIN

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