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[RENT] Spellpower/Knowledge Artifacts10.01, 14:535Lady Straws10.05, 05:18, by Lady Straws
selling Thief Armor +3def+2%init 27k10.05, 00:251Lord whatabusta10.05, 00:25, by Lord whatabusta
TGI rent10.04, 17:282BUDALKO10.04, 17:55, by Lord Vinkon
TGI from beastwar.10.04, 10:432danger_stuff10.04, 11:09, by danger_stuff
TGI Leasing - good offer10.03, 21:033Lord KelThusad10.03, 21:16, by Lord KelThusad
Cheapest TGI for rent (Free for first 14 days)10.03, 01:524#7279Chiongster10.03, 18:59, by #7279Chiongster
[Rent] Mithril longsword [E10A10W10F10] from just 1000 gpc07.01, 15:061001#7153Lord cantbstopped10.03, 16:40, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
Enchanted Arts For Rent10.03, 16:011Lady ViSao10.03, 16:01, by Lady ViSao
TGIs for rent - flexible leasing09.23, 10:5526CGSMCMLXXV10.03, 15:32, by Lord Decrous
TGI rent to Szilard66610.03, 13:463Lord Kiskoko10.03, 14:11, by Lord Kiskoko
Cheap TGI for rent.10.03, 10:025archerblade10.03, 12:05, by archerblade
Cheap TGI for rent10.02, 11:505thrax10.03, 12:02, by filowarrior
renting TGI to Twilighter10.03, 09:193CaligulaX10.03, 09:24, by CaligulaX
Leasing arts with max craft, leasing thief set with 80%craft10.02, 20:391MoonVampire10.02, 20:39, by MoonVampire
===Leasing TGI===10.01, 03:365CaligulaX10.02, 16:02, by CaligulaX
BEST CONDITIONS - LEASING - Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10]09.27, 11:337Lord RaYn10.02, 08:28, by Lord RaYn
>>> Leasing Master Hunter Set, Only 3000!10.02, 08:081Lord dedengkot10.02, 08:08, by Lord dedengkot
TGI for grumsh - conditions.10.01, 20:023Lord RaYn10.01, 20:18, by Lord RaYn
TGI for - conditions.10.01, 20:011Lord RaYn10.01, 20:01, by Lord RaYn
>>>Leasing TGI<<<09.02, 02:1138#7382Korzika10.01, 18:18, by #7382Korzika
Arts for rent09.15, 02:1018Dionysus10.01, 16:46, by Dionysus
[RENT] Hunter set09.09, 16:2441DDL10.01, 15:08, by DDL
>>> TGI BEST OFFER <<<09.30, 18:327Lord RaYn10.01, 15:24, by Lord RaYn
TGI rent agreement10.01, 14:332#7705Ursa10.01, 14:50, by grifinas
--> Leasing Thief Amulet <--10.01, 10:091Lord Ektoras10.01, 10:09, by Lord Ektoras
TGI and Thief set for rent09.29, 08:002Plutnik10.01, 07:42, by Plutnik
[for rent] TGI for 1st thief art +5000 for 2 weeks of rent.09.26, 18:316Lord www198009.30, 14:20, by Lord www1980
TGI for rent, low price09.28, 14:024Markussk09.30, 08:23, by Markussk
{Rent} TGI - 1 Thief Art or 2k gold per day!09.16, 05:4236#4201Lord Pantheon09.30, 06:20, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Leasing my TGI to frey1209.30, 06:113#7153Elven_Lord09.30, 06:19, by #7153Elven_Lord

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