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Renting some parts of thief set for not a high price.09.11, 14:261Lord Made_in_Russia09.11, 14:26, by Lord Made_in_Russia
Rent TGI to Kalymnos09.11, 14:063Plutnik09.11, 14:12, by Plutnik
TGI Rent for Sky-lim09.10, 15:185yinYang09.11, 08:50, by yinYang
TGI FOR RENT09.10, 10:103BUDALKO09.11, 08:21, by BUDALKO
[RENT] Cheap TGI09.06, 11:0310#7181Lord Mr_eee09.10, 15:14, by darmogathel
TGI rent09.10, 14:291Lord Xeno09.10, 14:29, by Lord Xeno
[RENT] Sword of might [I10E10A10W10] 800 per battle09.10, 11:471Lord _force_09.10, 11:47, by Lord _force_
Rent TGI to MaxeD09.10, 10:303Lord Kiskoko09.10, 10:37, by Lord Kiskoko
[RENT] TGI08.30, 12:3925Lord Kiskoko09.10, 09:30, by Lord Kiskoko
[Rent] Thief set !!! (+)09.01, 09:3310Plutnik09.10, 06:16, by Plutnik
I would like TGI to rent but I will need it for one month09.09, 05:332GnevZmaja09.09, 17:56, by GnevZmaja
Leasing TGI conditions for Noesys09.09, 16:263Lord RaYn09.09, 16:53, by Lord RaYn
>>> TGI BEST OFFER <<<09.09, 14:311Lord RaYn09.09, 14:31, by Lord RaYn
[Rent] Max weapon (swords, dagger, bow)[E10A10W10F10]08.28, 06:2714Fes09.09, 08:26, by Fes
[RENT] Hunter Set - 750 gold for battle09.09, 07:392-Great_Hunter-09.09, 08:02, by -Great_Hunter-
TGI rent09.07, 17:582BUDALKO09.08, 13:23, by BUDALKO
[RENT] ==> CHEAP MH set <== from 1900 gp to 2600 gp08.30, 12:4018Anita200809.08, 13:20, by Anita2008
TGI rent to Avataris09.08, 10:403Lord DeadDed09.08, 10:44, by Lord DeadDed
TGI rent ONLY 1 thief item to be retuned09.08, 09:491Lord Guba09.08, 09:49, by Lord Guba
[Rent] Thief set from just 1800 per battle08.31, 05:1515Lord Letos09.08, 09:42, by Lord Letos
Leasing TGI (simple matter)09.04, 23:206#7185nierka09.08, 08:27, by #7185nierka
(Cheap RENT) Thief Dagger E9A9W9 + Thief Amulet09.04, 08:327Lord Someon309.07, 13:49, by Lord Someon3
[Rent]Equilibrium blade09.07, 09:031nokio09.07, 09:03, by nokio
TGI for rent09.06, 20:483#7181Lord SONYcz09.07, 08:27, by #7181Lord SONYcz
TGI rent09.06, 14:042#7490Lady SladurAna09.07, 05:01, by #7490Lady SladurAna
TGI for Rent/Lease09.02, 22:539kenshinrtk09.07, 04:31, by kenshinrtk
TGI lease09.03, 15:1912Lord Edwin190809.07, 03:42, by Lord Edwin1908
Renting TGI to Alexben09.06, 20:005#7153Elven_Lord09.06, 20:08, by #7153Elven_Lord
Hba Rent - Enchanted Rare Arts09.06, 13:224Lord Erebes09.06, 18:00, by Lord Erebes
What would you pay to rent a TGI of 14 days?09.01, 20:4230Smaskir09.06, 17:00, by Smaskir

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