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{ARTS RENTING SERVICE} !!!!!!!!!!!!10.17, 05:023nnt00010.17, 11:45, by Lord Someon3
GH set10.17, 09:082#7705Lord Bazza10.17, 09:29, by #7705Lord Bazza
Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] ONLY 1000 GOLD PER BATTLE !10.02, 08:3133Lord RaYn10.17, 08:59, by Lord RaYn
[ARTS FOR RENT]10.13, 06:248Lord MightyDuck10.16, 18:37, by Lord MightyDuck
[RENT] TGI10.16, 07:293#7181Lord Mr_eee10.16, 08:05, by #7181Lord Mr_eee
[Rent] Arts10.12, 19:007LYBNU10.16, 05:52, by LYBNU
Leasing TGI to SILUR10.15, 15:433#7153Elven_Lord10.15, 15:59, by #7153Elven_Lord
TGI contract for Zeroana10.14, 11:263Lord RaYn10.14, 16:40, by Lord RaYn
Renting mithril longsword E10A10W10 - #153 discount10.09, 16:534#7153Elven_Lord10.14, 06:40, by #7153Elven_Lord
******* TGI For Lease - Best Terms *******10.13, 16:362Lord Jedi-Knight10.14, 04:33, by Lord Schwan
Thief amulet for rent10.12, 14:402GnevZmaja10.14, 02:03, by GnevZmaja
Renting TGI to Cthulhunick10.13, 20:383Erekose10.13, 20:49, by Erekose
>>> TGI BEST OFFER <<<10.12, 20:145Lord RaYn10.13, 20:22, by Lord RaYn
rent MH ARMOR 600/battle10.13, 14:111Lord LORD_Destruktor10.13, 14:11, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
TGI For Rent $ Best Plans$10.11, 09:353Lady Mohini10.13, 11:50, by Lady Mohini
[RENT] TGI10.05, 05:3916jambronk10.13, 05:12, by jambronk
Shop arts for rent. :)09.29, 12:3713nnt00010.13, 00:37, by nnt000
Hunter artifact's for rent10.11, 13:552ninja910.12, 18:53, by ninja9
TGI Leasing (new offer)09.29, 18:2415Lord redgoblin10.12, 16:09, by Lord redgoblin
Leasing TGI to Cespues10.12, 15:483Lord rutiger10.12, 16:07, by Lord rutiger
RENT enchant 110%10.12, 13:581Lord BoJIoD9I10.12, 13:58, by Lord BoJIoD9I
Ordinary arts for rent10.12, 12:561Lord MightyDuck10.12, 12:56, by Lord MightyDuck
TGI rent10.12, 10:371#7490Lady SladurAna10.12, 10:37, by #7490Lady SladurAna
Renting TGI to Wicker10.12, 10:252Zyanya10.12, 10:27, by Wicker
rent MH ARMOR for 650g10.11, 17:361Lord LORD_Destruktor10.11, 17:36, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
TGI rental10.11, 16:041Lord denkleinegast10.11, 16:04, by Lord denkleinegast
Leasing TGI10.11, 13:341Lord rutiger10.11, 13:34, by Lord rutiger
TGI for rent10.11, 13:091Adalbertus10.11, 13:09, by Adalbertus
TGI rent to indiman10.11, 12:183Plutnik10.11, 12:23, by Plutnik
TGI rent shadowlasher10.11, 12:172rions310.11, 12:17, by shadowlasher

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