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TGI rent for weah0908.23, 11:021EROCS08.23, 11:02, by EROCS
TGI rent to kimpy08.22, 19:173Lord DeadDed08.22, 19:29, by Lord DeadDed
gh arts!!!!!08.22, 13:043kushika508.22, 13:44, by kushika5
TGI for SPARTAN108.21, 22:213Rappetor08.22, 09:18, by Rappetor
TGI for rent08.21, 21:231Lord Heroes1308.21, 21:23, by Lord Heroes13
Thief set for rent (+ 39% more damage)08.18, 08:533nnt00008.21, 16:14, by nnt000
TGI for lease08.19, 08:054Rappetor08.21, 15:01, by Rappetor
TGI for rent08.21, 14:171BlueMoon08.21, 14:17, by BlueMoon
full hunter set 1000 gold per battle08.21, 09:193Master_TI08.21, 09:44, by Master_TI
TGI for rent08.19, 09:517ElfMoon08.21, 07:36, by Lord moro88
Extension of lease of TGI08.20, 17:572knightzdude08.20, 18:03, by God5end
!!!!!RENT!!!!!!!! shop arts ONLY for cost value per battle08.18, 10:052Lord zigfrid08.20, 14:35, by Lord zigfrid
TGI for cantbstopped08.18, 17:484Lord RaYn08.20, 12:13, by Lord RaYn
TGI rent for Elven-Shadow08.19, 22:363Lord DeadDed08.19, 22:44, by Lord DeadDed
TGI for Rent [Cheap]!!!08.18, 12:437stevelawler08.19, 21:52, by Lord Jericho96
tgi contract08.19, 11:432Lord last_one08.19, 11:47, by divi
tgi for rent08.17, 19:337Lord serpav08.19, 07:19, by Lord serpav
tgi leasimg08.16, 20:533Lord last_one08.18, 22:28, by Lord last_one
TGI rent to Loricia08.18, 11:483Lord Kiskoko08.18, 12:00, by Lord Kiskoko
TGI for Rent Cheap!!!08.11, 19:1210stevelawler08.17, 19:37, by stevelawler
master hunter,great hunter arts, and hunter arts08.15, 21:485hunt4food08.17, 14:13, by hunt4food
TGI for rent08.17, 09:471#7181Lord SONYcz08.17, 09:47, by #7181Lord SONYcz
>>>Leasing TGI<<<08.03, 02:249#7382Korzika08.16, 23:34, by #7382Korzika
RENT 120% Enchanted Weapon. You must be WIN !!08.13, 10:146Lord Someon308.16, 11:43, by Lord Someon3
i want to hire a full set of lv 10 might arts08.15, 15:011fistofgod08.15, 15:01, by fistofgod
steel blade 4 rentin(cheap price)08.15, 09:3311FocusArrow08.15, 09:57, by FocusArrow
TGI for lease08.15, 08:441Rappetor08.15, 08:44, by Rappetor
TGI leasingg ##**Simple Rules**##08.15, 06:021kk_8708.15, 06:02, by kk_87
TGI for rent08.14, 13:481BUDALKO08.14, 13:48, by BUDALKO
TGI rent to Fef08.14, 11:083Lord DeadDed08.14, 11:21, by Lord DeadDed

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