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[Rent]01.24, 19:241Lord Revengero_O01.24, 19:24, by Lord Revengero_O
[Lease] [GH and MH Artifacts][300 - 500 gold / Battle]01.11, 05:2343sexy_girlz198901.24, 18:20, by sexy_girlz1989
I will lease on 1 fight01.23, 22:172Lisichka6601.24, 18:02, by Lisichka66
[Rents]Arts for 3lvl(1-2 combats)01.24, 16:271hlop4ig_rus01.24, 16:27, by hlop4ig_rus
[Lease] Shop arts01.24, 15:561keneret01.24, 15:56, by keneret
[lease] GH set 3200 per battle01.20, 14:206naapa9201.24, 15:47, by Lord SerjJaja
[Rent][Wizard arts][3 combats]01.24, 10:031Lady rudmate101.24, 10:03, by Lady rudmate1
[Lease] [Venomancer set][40%] [6k gold/combat]01.04, 07:3547Lord v_i_t_e_k01.24, 06:42, by Lord v_i_t_e_k
[Lease] [All Wizard/Magic shop arts up to lvl 10]11.29, 17:57226#7705Lord naviron01.23, 20:54, by #7705Lord naviron
[lease] shop arts for 7-8 lvl01.23, 18:251Lord truekach01.23, 18:25, by Lord truekach
[Lease][Level 3 - 9 Shop Artifacts][Reasonble Prices]01.22, 09:534skyz99501.23, 14:52, by skyz995
arts needed for rent01.23, 12:251moon_barbarian01.23, 12:25, by moon_barbarian
[Lease][Enchanted MH arts][5k per combat]01.18, 07:189pistolstar101.22, 14:00, by pistolstar1
[Lease][GH SET][3200/BATTLE]01.22, 12:3774Mitashjain01.22, 15:11, by Mitashjain
[Lease][3 weapons][4x10][1100-1200 gold/combat]01.20, 15:282Cipa01.21, 11:35, by Cipa
[Lease][Weapons]01.10, 13:5622Lord Winstom01.21, 07:23, by Lord Winstom
[Lease][Enchated Weapons][4x10%][1350/combat]01.13, 08:1439Lord Ektoras01.20, 21:04, by Bartek009
MS longsword I301.20, 17:051lik01.20, 17:05, by lik
[Lease] [GH set] [3600/battle]01.03, 11:1638#7490Lord PenTus01.20, 15:59, by #7490Lord PenTus
[Lease] [GH set] [3600], [Thief set] [138%] [6000]01.18, 19:3020Lord _force_01.20, 15:12, by Lord _force_
[Lease][Various arts][Any number of combats]12.07, 10:03122Fes01.20, 14:30, by Fes
[Lease] [Great Hunter Set] [3150/battle]01.11, 09:1819Hedvig01.20, 09:46, by Hedvig
[Lease] Inventory01.20, 07:234Abhi_cool01.20, 08:13, by Abhi_cool
[leasing] shop arts for 7-8 lvls01.20, 05:591Lord truekach01.20, 05:59, by Lord truekach
[Lease][hunter,master hunter,great hunter artifacts]01.19, 15:061Lord susliks12301.19, 15:06, by Lord susliks123
[Lease][LvL 8 lvl 5 and lvl3 artifacts]01.08, 12:3316Lord vishnus01.19, 15:02, by Lord vishnus
[Lease] [Hunter set] [630/Battle]01.16, 11:526FirePony01.19, 07:49, by FirePony
[Lease][BB set][6k/battle][GH set][3,5k/battle]01.18, 18:322Lord SEREGA-77701.19, 04:54, by Lord SEREGA-777
[Lease] Longbow [E10A10W10F10] - 1200/battle12.19, 13:3627#7153Wild_Shooter01.18, 20:12, by #7153Wild_Shooter
[Lease][Thief Set][4800 gold/battle]01.18, 20:091Lord re-cede01.18, 20:09, by Lord re-cede

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