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[Lease] [Shop artifacts]11.30, 14:2726Lord Ektoras12.18, 14:27, by Lord Ektoras
[Lease] [Great Hunter Set] [4000/battle]12.18, 14:221Lord Kola-Best12.18, 14:22, by Lord Kola-Best
[lease][Shop Artifacts][Lvl - 9-12]12.17, 05:322Lord kanss12.18, 12:51, by Lord kanss
[Lease][Ruby Gladius 4x10][1350-1400/1 battle]12.04, 10:5725Lord TasKurPavaro12.18, 08:42, by Lord TasKurPavaro
[Lease][GH Set][4200/battle]12.06, 03:3915Santremus12.18, 03:21, by Santremus
[Lease][GH set][4500/battle]12.17, 14:191Lord SEREGA-77712.17, 14:19, by Lord SEREGA-777
[Lease][3 weapons][4x10][1100-1200 gold/combat]12.06, 20:5810Cipa12.17, 12:46, by Cipa
[Lease]Hunter Set[550 gold per combat]12.12, 10:1832Demolishing_Elf12.17, 12:22, by Demolishing_Elf
shop arts12.16, 21:421CryDeath12.16, 21:42, by CryDeath
[Lease] [lvl 9- Magic shop arts, lvl 10+ Might shop arts]11.30, 18:4121Slust12.16, 20:55, by Slust
Looking for enchanted art.12.15, 04:478ElfMoon12.15, 10:41, by ElfMoon
[Rent][Enchanted Jewelry lvl12+]12.14, 23:241Lord Barilla12.14, 23:24, by Lord Barilla
[Lease][Shop Artifacts][Lvl 9- 12]12.14, 14:341Lord kanss12.14, 14:34, by Lord kanss
[Lease] [GHS] [4300 per battle] and [MHS] [1920 per battle]12.09, 19:4925Lord EsX12.14, 13:00, by Lord EsX
[Lease][MH SET 2000gold/battle]12.14, 12:551Lord hutchinson12.14, 12:55, by Lord hutchinson
[Lease] [GH set] [4500-6500/battle] [Shop arts for 8-9 lvl]12.08, 10:5613Lord SEREGA-77712.14, 05:59, by Lord SEREGA-777
[Lease] Hunter set [700 gold/battle]12.11, 17:255Skeptic12.13, 17:16, by Skeptic
[lease] [gh set 4500 per battle]and[mh set 2400 per battle]12.13, 13:202#4201The_Cimmerian12.13, 15:58, by #4201The_Cimmerian
[Rent] Shop Arts for Levels 7-812.13, 15:221Lord single12.13, 15:22, by Lord single
[Lease][LvL 8 and lvl 5 artifacts]12.01, 13:1244Lord vishnus12.13, 12:38, by Lord vishnus
[take]12.12, 16:291pRoCoNtRoL12.12, 16:29, by pRoCoNtRoL
[Lease][ SoM & Thief dagger ][ 4x10 ][950-1050gold / bat12.06, 14:3010#7490RADO12.12, 11:16, by #7490Lord PenTus
[lease][Shop Artifacts][lvl 7-12]12.12, 06:202Lord kanss12.12, 09:10, by Lord kanss
[for RENT] Full Thief Set +4% Earth dam. [only 3000/battle]12.11, 15:551Homyak12.11, 15:55, by Homyak
[Leasing][MH set][1980/battle]12.09, 14:342#4201Arctic12.10, 12:53, by Arctic
[Lease] [GH set 20%] [4200/battle]12.10, 02:216Lady Anlain12.10, 12:28, by Lady Anlain
[Lease] [GH set 20%] [4500/battle]12.04, 10:4641Lady Anlain12.10, 02:20, by Lady Anlain
[Lease] [GHS] [4500 per battle] and [MHS] [2300 per battle]12.06, 19:3026Lord EsX12.09, 19:48, by Lord EsX
Renting shop artefacts !!!12.08, 20:202Lord InNomineNoctis12.09, 08:49, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
[Lease][4-9lvl might artifacts][Any number of Combats]12.08, 16:041#7110sir_Sedoy12.08, 16:04, by #7110sir_Sedoy

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