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[Lease][weapons and armors][4x10 ]12.18, 16:205Lord last_one12.26, 21:47, by Lord last_one
[Lease][Various Artifacts][Various AP][Various Price]12.25, 10:457sexy_girlz198912.26, 18:45, by sexy_girlz1989
[Lease] [Thief Set] [3500/1 battle]12.22, 14:096#6109Lord Hireling12.25, 17:36, by #6109Lord Hireling
Can anyone lend me these items for 1 day, 7 battles?12.25, 16:061AINDRAJALIK12.25, 16:06, by AINDRAJALIK
[Lease][BB set][20k/battle]12.22, 17:287Lord SEREGA-77712.25, 08:48, by Lord SEREGA-777
[Lease] [Shop artifacts]12.21, 18:232Lord Ektoras12.23, 18:58, by Lord Ektoras
[Lease][Master hunter set][1800 - 2400 gold/battle]12.04, 09:3031#7365Lord DrMr12.23, 17:51, by #7365Lord DrMr
[Lease][Thief Set][5000 gold/battle]12.21, 17:023LYBNU12.23, 14:18, by LYBNU
[Lease] Finding People Who can Lease the following Arts12.23, 13:342Lord X-hunter12.23, 14:03, by Lord X-hunter
[Lease][Weapons][4x10% and SoM E6A6F7][400-1400/fight]12.09, 16:4443Lord Barilla12.23, 12:45, by Lord Barilla
[Lease][Thief crossbow][4*10%][1212/battle]12.04, 20:3319Lord Borgia12.23, 12:40, by Lord Borgia
[lease] gh set 2800 per battle12.23, 11:161naapa9212.23, 11:16, by naapa92
[Rent] Weapons 40%12.21, 10:393Lord -NEO-12.23, 11:02, by Lord -NEO-
[Lease]Lvl 10-11 arts12.20, 22:056Lord Woosh12.22, 20:19, by Lord Woosh
[Lease] [lvl 9- Magic shop arts, lvl 10+ Might shop arts]12.19, 21:335Slust12.22, 19:21, by Slust
[Lease] [Thief Set] [3K/combat]12.12, 14:3230Homyak12.22, 18:51, by Homyak
[Lease] [Venomancer set] [7k gold/combat]12.18, 18:417Lord v_i_t_e_k12.22, 18:08, by #7110Lord kombinator
[Lease][Various Enchanted Magic Arts]12.08, 08:3812Erekose12.22, 17:21, by Erekose
[Lease] [GH set 4400per batle] and [MH set 1920 per battle]12.14, 13:0237Lord EsX12.22, 13:34, by Lord EsX
[Rent] Silver partisan12.22, 11:421Lord Skagenij12.22, 11:42, by Lord Skagenij
[Lease] [Master Hunter Set] [2000/battle]12.18, 20:0611Lord Fallas12.21, 16:05, by Lord Fallas
[Lease] [Master Hunter Set] [2300/battle]12.04, 20:3532Lord Twenty_one12.21, 12:32, by Lord Twenty_one
[Lease][ SoM & Thief dagger ][4*10%][1200/1400 gold/btl]11.29, 11:5660Lord LORD_Destruktor12.20, 12:05, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
[Lease] [Great Hunter Set] [4400 per battle]12.04, 11:2551Nutella12.20, 11:38, by Nutella
[Lease][LvL 8 and lvl 5 artifacts]12.16, 16:0312Lord vishnus12.20, 01:08, by Lord vishnus
[Lease][level 10+ shop arts]12.10, 18:238#7279GGW12.19, 14:12, by #7279GGW
[Rent] [ SoM & Thief dagger ] [ 4*10% ] [event time]12.18, 16:395Lord LORD_Destruktor12.19, 10:21, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
who can give me mh set at all day12.19, 09:371RolavitO12.19, 09:37, by RolavitO
[RENT] Hunter Set - 700 Gold/Combat12.19, 07:222Lord X-hunter12.19, 09:04, by Lord X-hunter
[Rent] Shop Arts for Levels 7-912.16, 21:503Lord single12.18, 17:37, by Lord single

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