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Rent various shop artifacts01.02, 06:3717Mitashjain01.02, 07:13, by Mitashjain
[Rent] Mitrill longsword - 3 combat01.02, 04:302Vampirer01.02, 06:14, by Vampirer
[Rent] Longbow +(40-50)%01.01, 20:191Lord Transurfer01.01, 20:19, by Lord Transurfer
[Rent] State artifacts for Wizard 7 lvl12.26, 16:284Lord bsd2k01.01, 18:19, by Lord bsd2k
[Rent][ Amulet of luck]01.01, 13:221Lady rudmate101.01, 13:22, by Lady rudmate1
[Rent] 4x6% thief dagger,01.01, 11:283Lady TaQQ01.01, 11:56, by Lady TaQQ
[Lease] [lvl 9- Magic shop arts, lvl 10+ Might shop arts]12.27, 17:425Slust12.31, 20:51, by Slust
Anyone leasing arts for level 12 ?12.31, 19:552Nottingham12.31, 20:29, by Nottingham
[Lease][ SoM & Thief dagger ][4*10%][1200/1400 gold/btl]12.30, 20:273Lord LORD_Destruktor12.31, 10:14, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
[Rent] arts for 5 lvl12.30, 20:191Lord serega_don412.30, 20:19, by Lord serega_don4
[Lease] Shop arts12.29, 14:212Lord single12.30, 20:11, by Lord single
[Lease][MH set]12.08, 17:4818Mistcloud12.30, 17:17, by Mistcloud
[Lease] [Master Hunter Set] [2300/battle]12.25, 19:326Lord Twenty_one12.30, 12:57, by Lord Twenty_one
[Lease][Enchanced Weapons][800-1300 gold/combat]12.20, 10:0720Lord Andy12.30, 06:13, by Lord Andy
[Lease] Mithril longsword 36%12.28, 14:052Lady TaQQ12.29, 23:58, by Lady TaQQ
[Lease] [GH set 20%] [4300/battle]12.29, 09:123Lady Anlain12.29, 18:17, by Lady Anlain
[Lease][Enchated Weapons][4x10%][1350/combat]11.30, 14:3746Lord Ektoras12.29, 09:58, by Lord Ektoras
[Lease][Shop Arts lvl 3-6]12.28, 07:0714unknown_demon12.29, 10:09, by unknown_demon
[Lease][Weapons][4x10%][1,2-1,4k gold/combat]12.24, 10:186Lord -NEO-12.29, 06:56, by Lord -NEO-
[Lease][Weapons][5x10 & 4x10]12.24, 00:4717#1512Lord BoJIoD9I12.29, 01:10, by #1512Lord BoJIoD9I
[Lease][Weapons][4*10% & 3*8%]12.28, 15:481#11532Lord todesh12.28, 15:48, by #11532Lord todesh
[Lease] [Enchanted Weapons & Armor] [5x10% & 4x10%]12.24, 06:2449Lord _force_12.28, 14:38, by Lord _force_
[Rent][Steel Blade][50 gold / combat]12.28, 06:496sexy_girlz198912.28, 13:05, by sexy_girlz1989
Rent a artifacts from the store for 7 lvl12.28, 12:542Lord Lektor8112.28, 12:59, by xms
[Rent] MH arts for 1 battle12.27, 19:342Lord tataram12.28, 09:39, by Lord tataram
*Offer* on Some GH artifacts [Leasing]12.28, 09:301#4201virtual_vitrea12.28, 09:30, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[Lease][Thief Set][5000 gold/battle]12.21, 13:0015Lord teract12.28, 08:29, by Lord teract
[Rent][Various Artifacts][1 combat]12.27, 05:386sexy_girlz198912.28, 06:25, by sexy_girlz1989
[Rent] Mithril longsword 36%12.28, 00:151Lady TaQQ12.28, 00:15, by Lady TaQQ
[Rent] Shop Arts12.27, 21:341Lord single12.27, 21:34, by Lord single

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