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[Lease] [GH set 20%] [3800/battle]12.30, 04:2247Lady Anlain01.10, 22:05, by Lady Anlain
[Lease] [Great Hunter Set] [3600]12.20, 09:0633Hedvig01.10, 17:41, by Hedvig
[I will lease]01.10, 14:321#2745Lord denis6201.10, 14:32, by #2745Lord denis62
[Lease] [Master Hunter Set] [2300/battle]01.10, 12:151Lord Twenty_one01.10, 12:15, by Lord Twenty_one
[lease] [GH set] [4500 per battle] [MH set] [2250 per batle]12.16, 13:0470#4201The_Cimmerian01.10, 12:03, by #4201The_Cimmerian
[Lease] [MH set] [2100/battle]01.04, 06:5417Dark_X_Shadow01.09, 13:58, by Dark_X_Shadow
[Lease][Hunter Set][550 gold/1battle]01.09, 03:504sir_Artisian01.09, 13:49, by sir_Artisian
[Lease][Level 3 - 9 shop artifacts][Reasonable Price]01.08, 11:273skyz99501.09, 04:41, by skyz995
[Lease][Enchanted Magic & Might Arts]01.03, 11:008Erekose01.08, 13:22, by Bartek009
[Lease][MH Set]01.07, 12:432Mistcloud01.08, 08:34, by Mistcloud
[Lease][Steel Blade][50 gold/combat]12.28, 16:4955sexy_girlz198901.08, 03:07, by sexy_girlz1989
[Lease] [GH set] [3600], [Thief set] [128%] [5800]12.24, 07:03164Lord _force_01.07, 15:25, by Lord _force_
[Lease] [Hunter Set] [774/battle]01.04, 01:144#7153Roland_Diskeyn01.06, 22:22, by #7153Roland_Diskeyn
[Lease][Various shop artifacts]01.02, 16:4058Mitashjain01.06, 16:51, by Mitashjain
[Lease][BB set][15k/battle]12.26, 09:1313Lord SEREGA-77701.05, 12:13, by Lord v_i_t_e_k
[Lease][3 weapons][4x10][1100-1200 gold/combat]01.03, 23:302Cipa01.04, 21:23, by Cipa
[Lease][Mage arts for lvl 5 and 6 and Some Might arts]12.28, 07:4925xms01.04, 11:49, by xms
[Rent] [Great hunter maskrobe]01.03, 22:171Frosk01.03, 22:17, by Frosk
[Leasing][Enchanted Weapons][650 - 1.4K gold per Battle]01.03, 17:141#7153Lord MrHellRaiser01.03, 17:14, by #7153Lord MrHellRaiser
[lease] GH set 2800 per battle01.02, 16:586naapa9201.03, 15:36, by naapa92
[Lease][LvL 8 lvl 5 and lvl3 artifacts]12.20, 08:1033Lord vishnus01.03, 12:55, by Lord vishnus
Lease enchanted shop weapons, jewellery and armour.01.03, 10:331Warwick-the-wiz01.03, 10:33, by Warwick-the-wiz
[I take] Reprisal Sword with Kraft. 4x1001.03, 06:361Lord_Markovnik01.03, 06:36, by Lord_Markovnik
[Rent] [Master Hunter set] [1 combat]01.02, 18:282Lord artefackt01.03, 01:11, by Lord artefackt
[lease][MH set][2430 per battle]12.27, 23:355syndrack01.02, 21:55, by syndrack
[Rent] [GH set] [1 combat]01.02, 19:131Lord Mr_Brown01.02, 19:13, by Lord Mr_Brown
[Lease] [Master Hunter Set] [2400/battle]01.02, 17:352Lord Fallas01.02, 19:09, by Lord Fallas
[Lease][Level 3 - 9 shop artifacts][Reasonable Prices]12.26, 07:3319skyz99501.02, 13:00, by skyz995
[Lease] [GH set] [4500/battle]11.29, 19:16109#7490Lord PenTus01.02, 12:12, by #7490Lord PenTus
weapons for lvl 5-801.02, 11:321Lord dogegs201.02, 11:32, by Lord dogegs2

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