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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
This player pretended to be afk08.26, 13:141RandhyWang08.26, 13:14, by RandhyWang
Series of staged duels08.25, 13:091arzillo08.25, 13:09, by arzillo
Intentional afk08.24, 21:111DonTheoden08.24, 21:11, by DonTheoden
Intentional AFK08.23, 11:412R_HAUER08.23, 23:48, by Zyanya
Flooding in Battle Chat08.23, 17:531Setsudren08.23, 17:53, by Setsudren
Intentional AFK08.23, 15:593Wimp08.23, 15:59, by Wimp
Intentional afk - GIORGOSD08.23, 14:381hiddenshadow08.23, 14:38, by hiddenshadow
Intentional AFK - tomek-vir08.23, 07:102Lady misself08.23, 09:47, by Lady misself
Do not ignore08.23, 03:283Lady burn_baby_burn08.23, 04:57, by Zyanya
look how this dark elf and necro increase their xp08.22, 08:124weah0908.22, 08:41, by dziadu
bad sportsmanship08.21, 21:001Lady Katy08.21, 21:00, by Lady Katy
Wizard Noob AFK in Trief08.21, 19:355yndia08.21, 20:06, by #7365dogknght9
staged ffa08.21, 19:164Lord waric08.21, 19:49, by #7181Omega22
fuk u?08.21, 19:101hunterzzzz08.21, 19:10, by hunterzzzz
bad words08.21, 18:062The_Stat_Man08.21, 18:21, by hiddenshadow
spesial go out from batle08.21, 16:412FireRabbit08.21, 17:17, by obre3
intentional afk08.21, 16:522obre308.21, 17:05, by Lord Relikt
Draging on time and AFK08.21, 13:182Elvis_Presley08.21, 13:31, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Marinad08.20, 18:173HAC_PATb08.20, 22:19, by Zyanya
insulting in the battle08.20, 16:022LaHorda08.20, 16:03, by LaHorda
insult in battle08.20, 14:271Lord demon_nik08.20, 14:27, by Lord demon_nik
The insult in fight08.20, 05:291_-_Dark_-_08.20, 05:29, by _-_Dark_-_
Has intentionally lost08.20, 03:541TurpeHok08.20, 03:54, by TurpeHok
slowing battle08.19, 09:312Lord Stranger08.19, 09:45, by hiddenshadow
AFKing Out of Spite - lolgame08.19, 08:042Brianna_Sampson08.19, 08:17, by Brianna_Sampson
bad words08.18, 21:562AtomniY_baton08.19, 04:08, by hockeymaniac
mean sayings08.18, 18:452jacob132408.18, 19:46, by gurumao
AFK Player - Trawiasty08.18, 04:491Dead_Sexy08.18, 04:49, by Dead_Sexy
spam in battle08.17, 22:271Rodrak08.17, 22:27, by Rodrak
this guy let the barbarian win08.17, 13:111compaman08.17, 13:11, by compaman

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