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AuthorEverything about .ru
That was . . . TOO QUICK . . . O.O

10k online every day, sure it will be
10k online every day, sure it will be

and CL 16 and 17 helps to make it quick too
Aimed shot? :O OMG, Necros will rule hunt records...

Skel xbow only has 7 init :p
The rebels defeated
2011-10-01 13:00:00 1
The whole night spent in the Grammy raw and gloomy cave of a necromancer associated Sarksa, hopelessly trying to pull out of at least a couple of words. Voivod has repeatedly regretted that preserved life, telling the barbarian drop his ax at the last moment, and even tried several times to finish the their hands, but the desire to uncover the truth restrain his anger. Suddenly, in a moment, just a powerful blow for the umpteenth time had risen behind him a skeleton, gram still broke.

- Yes, but when your black mana runs out already? - Grasping rather grinning Sarksa the chest - Hurry say what you know! Otherwise, you will die again! And this time - forever!
- You are blind in his vanity, imperial guard dogs! - Gleefully mocking - As your empire is blind! Shadow soon ...
Necromancer Words suddenly broke off and his body was to apply to the crumbling overlook Grammita ashes. Bending on one knee, the governor said in a handful of dust lying with an arrow attached to it a green ribbon. His gaze immediately ran through the gloomy corners of the cave-room, but apart from dancing in the firelight shadows Grammy saw no more nothing. Suddenly behind him he heard footsteps. Voivod immediately grabbed his sword and spun around, but it was just one of the heroes of the Empire that he arrived to report on the results of a search of the caves.
Listening to the report, the gram unwittingly continued to stare at the red lily flower in his hand, which was detected in Sarksa. Finally, when the hero is finished, the governor dismissed the flower and then trampled it to dust Steel Boots necromancer.
- Declare all that rebellion is completely crushed! - Grammy addressed to the hero - We go back to the imperial capital, to celebrate our glorious victory!

Heroes! All the rebels destroyed the instigators, and now there is no threat to enterprises of the Empire. The best of you, who distinguished himself in battles with the rebels and scored 5 victories, but the fun and a generous amount of skill, will be awarded a commemorative inscribed artifacts, where strength depends on the number dialed hero points and killed the ringleaders:
Axe of the skeleton
[Axe of the skeleton]

Required Level: 5
Durability: 30
Ammunition points: 7
[Assault] 4 [Protection] 2

Not the most luxurious and pretty shabby time battle-ax. His strength is measured in thousands of burrs produced in countless battles with the enemy during the whole of eternity, in which the service's former owner was called a necromancer.

Repair Cost:

Spear Dwarfs
[Lance Dwarfs]

Required Level: 10
Durability: 30
Ammunition points: 9
[Attack] 6 [Protection] 1 [Initiative] 1%

Lightning cleaving the thick air, this spear can fatally underestimated him to surprise the enemy. But even if the strike and will not be fatal - injury inflicted upon them will long remind yourself unbearably painful echoes.

Increases the damage of the shooters at 8%

Repair Cost:

Hammer Thane
[Hammer tan]

Required Level: 14
Durability: 30
Ammunition points: 12
[Attack] 9 [Protection] 2 [Initiative] -2%

Enormous size of the hammer, decorated with paintings runnymi, secret force which is known only by one tanam. But even without a rune spell it can strike multiple enemies at one incredibly powerful impact, even at the cost of unimaginable efforts of its owner.

Increases the damage done in melee combat troops by 9%

Repair Cost:

Demon Horn
[Horn Demon]

Required Level: 13
Durability: 30
Ammunition points: 10
[Attack] + 3 [Protection] 3 [Initiative], 2%

Frightening power amulet, absorbed in itself all the power of the fiery wrath of hell children that bring down her enemies are. And let the flames of these things folly - now it serves as a good goal, turning against the infidels, that the righteous path of the Empire dared to stand up.

The troops inflict additional 10% fire damage.

Repair Cost:
Top 10 clans will be rewarded generously with gold from the treasury of the Empire. Lists the top 50 heroes and top 50 clans were forever inscribed in the history of the Empire (points):


In honor of the victory, the court magician Abu Bakr announced the start of automatic group fights. Any hero today and tomorrow (October 1 and 2), can create a group battle 4 on 4, which will be held as a "quick battle" (The player puts troops and said the tactics of the sword - the attack, the shield - defense. All the moves are automatic).

With the victory!
What's the artifact awarded for killing bosses? The demon horn amulet, maybe?
What's the artifact awarded for killing bosses? The demon horn amulet, maybe?

Yes, Demon horn amulet

A Powerfull one
I was expecting a few new units . . .
http://www.heroeswm.ru/art_info.php?id=topor_skelet 5-6-7-8-9
http://www.heroeswm.ru/art_info.php?id=kopie 10-11-12-13
http://www.heroeswm.ru/art_info.php?id=molot_tan 14-15-16-17
http://www.heroeswm.ru/art_info.php?id=rog_demon defeating a "leader/boss"
server is dead?
for Night2012:
You mean .ru isn`t working now?
Thanx godness, I thought it`s my Internet...
I can not go to http://www.heroeswm.ru and
Me neither.
hi guys,

where is a good place on the Russian server to sell resources back to the factories ?

Or is it so overrun that you hardly get the chance ?

You're right. Hardly a chance to sell more than 1-3
its down again
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