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what are the runes effects at lvl 6 ?
Why server is dead
for Magniy:
use that link:
qurator :[
#3140 The rune talent and basic holy magic is the only possibility to have 2 talents, so I think it's the best.

for BeerDude:
It depends on your faction level (One rune per faction level).
Runes (english descriptions): https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=6070
New Bosses

Dodging from the rain of arrows and magic bolts being shot at him, the necromancer Sarks raced down an infinite maze of cave corridors. Many fellow necromancers and all the guards guarding him have fallen at the hands of persecutors.

This was a little ironic, since death was a main part of his "life", but now he felt himself clearly under its icy cold breath. But apparently, the old woman with a scythe was in no hurry to say goodbye to her old servant for over and over again he deflected the attacks by the heroes, causing them to miss their target. Turning yet another corner, Sarks swept over the bodies of a few of the fallen soldiers, chanting words of ancient black spells and creating a bone wall of skeletons made from several heroes to block the path, albeit briefly for the wall only withstood one hit from a Dwarven hammer.

As the undead bones of the rebels that made up the wall scattered in all directions, the dwarf was surprised to see that the necromancer stood in the middle of a huge cave hall. Something was wrong, but the provocative smirk on his dead face made &#8203;&#8203;the bearded warrior forget about caution. Breaking out of his companions' tenacious restraining hands, the dwarf rushed forward, drawing his weapon for a powerful attack Sarks, a weapon that had cost the Dwarf of 100,000 gold, given to him by Empire.

But as he ran out of the tunnel he was immediately handcuffed by a powerful dark spell. Then he finally saw the figure standing on the mound behind the arch rebel leaders, a figure he did not notice to be any of the battles before this. "Not this time ..." the necromancer intoned sarcasticly, before pointing in the direction of the Heroes and screamed "Death to the Imperial dogs!". Multiple enemy attacks targeted the trapped dwarf.

The wizard attempted the Teleport the trapped warrior from the grasp of death to cause those attacks to fail. Thanking his lucky stars for the rescue, the Dwarf then turned his attention to his pursuers, but the Elf quickly picked him up by the arms, cast Haste on everyone and hurried to warn the rest of the reinforcements who were arriving, leaving this time, Lady Death with nothing.

Heroes! From the depths of the cave enemy reinforcements have arrived. At least 200 new leaders have begun to strengthen in the heart of the lair of rebels. The GEneral calls all the characters to equip the best equipment he or she can and destroy every single one of the leaders as soon as possible.

For the protection the imperial enterprise, continue the attacks on the rebels-destroyers!
I think we can expect more new alts.
The very fact that they might introduce alts after this event makes me say that.

Kindly post if anyone sees any new creatures. Thanks! =)
I don't think we'll see new creatures soon. That's just a way to extend the event. Demon alts and necro alts for tier 1 and 2 are already there. Maybe the tier 1 and 2 altupgrades for dwarves, but to introduce altgrades for players they still need T1 for DE.
Dwarf Alts out here.

Dwarf Alts out here.

skeleton cross bow? for necro....????
2nd tire 1 alt upgrade for necro ... nice, i wonder what ability they have
i wonder what ability they have

aimed shot, same as xbow
aimed shot, same as xbow

And way lower ini

And way lower ini

but much higher hp (8 hp with vitality, and usually ~400 or more in number with nec 10 or higher) and incredible basic damage: 2*400=800! So it will be a hard choice at the first turn: if you dont shoot it, it will deal huge damage to you, but if you shoot it, you will not kill a lot
Does anyone know if the plus 1 to min and max damage from the hunter sets works in the current event combats??? Just curious....
Aimed shot? :O OMG, Necros will rule hunt records...
651 / 651

They killed all bosses...
That was . . . TOO QUICK . . . O.O
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