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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
answering a question from nov 2008
hehe) I didn't realised it was the very first page then I saw a question)
So you are mistaken. When that question was posted, UCI cost was 500 dollars (on .ru), not 1000 :P
steppe barbarian, please attack .com too!
Which event is happying on ru?
rolf johan...

steppe barbarian, please attack .com too!

yes please

.ru has new event .. like saboteurs destructors .. :) Maybe thieves v "Cloned-Thieves" ^^
someone has more info on the alternative guild for thieves?
Can you join both?
if not, what about all the current thieves?
#3127 Yeah wats the new event on .ru any1 can say/explain ?!?
Well, there wasn't any oficial news about "event" on .ru.
I am sorry to post with my multi .. will not happen anymore .. :) I was just too rush .. :)
I translated it from russian :
Once again, the flash lit up the Empire of magic spells and overrun sounds of crossed swords. Heroes suddenly forgot about all the internal strife and conflict, turning his anger on a common enemy in the face of well-organized groups of necromancers, demons and dwarves on the eve of committing a series of audacious attacks on the imperial enterprise. Unfortunately, not all were ready for such a surprise attack. However, thanks to the able counsel Grammita, leaders of clans fighting still managed to organize a good defense controlled objects. This allowed the governor himself in a calm atmosphere to analyze what is happening.

Continuing to rotate the hand in front of a red lily flower, found in a ruined sawmill, the gram was well aware that he is symbolized. It was a symbol of the separatist clan 'Red Lily', is not made itself felt ever since that incident with the stolen dragon egg, which passed around so many rumors. It would seem that the name of the enemy is already known and could only destroy it, but all the same governor was left a fact suspicious similarity of the attacks to the recent raids of the clan 'Justice'. And so aggressive methods are not quite in the style of the 'Red Lilies'. "But who will understand that there are these rebels in the head going on?" - With this thought Grammy symbolic tossed into the flames of the fire flower, and convened an urgent council leaders fighting clan, to discuss the situation and draw up an action plan.

Heroes! Imperial enterprise again attacked by the rebels-destroyers. All the martial clans are encouraged to strengthen the defense of controlled objects in their territories. The rest of the heroes are called upon to defend the capital's businesses.

The rebels come again .. there .. :) Curious when we get them again .. :)
The mystery of the 'Red Lilies'

An experienced tracker and one that was famous among the elven rangers, whose name remains a mystery to many, tracked down a dwarf for hours before, it would seem, he escaped unnoticed after one of the many attacks on Imperial Mines.

Although this dwarf was not the bad at hiding his trail, the seasoned insight of his pursuer from years of experience was not fooled. Yes, his elven senses repeatedly suggested that this is not a simple rebel, and thus the tracker did not return to the Capital even he begun to doubt that he had the correct target.

And his intuition truly did not fail him, because on arrival in the area of the Portal Ruins, the dwarf met with a few soldiers with the symbols of the clan 'Red Lily" and escorted to the well-camouflaged cave. This information is already quite suffice to report back to the governor, but the elf had his own score to settle with this clan. He could not just go away, without knowing what they are actually planning.

He cautiously crept past the sleepy guards, his ranger-silent steps led him inside a huge cave with many branches in different directions. On the walls of these passages were shadows dancing in the light of a fire-glow that came from somewhere deep in the lair, and the tunnels were also echoing with incessant whines of blades being sharpened with random chatter interspersed.

Finally, the dwarf walked into a huge cavern hall, where, around a huge table were waiting for him a demon and a necromancer. Only now, after seeing the trio together, the ranger remembered where already seen this dwarf before and remembered his name: Tarel. And two others: necromancer Sarks and the demon Ish-Nar. All three were familiar to him. This trio had managed to earn a bad reputation among the local thugs. But the elf could not have imagined that these gangsters would be in command of the forces of the 'Red Lilies'.

No sooner had the ranger recovered from surprise, when the voices in the room died down, and darkness covered the far end of the hall, from which appeared the outlines of a figure in a black robe. The stranger began to slowly sweep around the table, then suddenly stopping for a moment. His gaze was on the spot where the ranger hid in the shadows. The second the figure's paused over his hiding place seemed like an eternity to the elf, and his heart nearly stopped. But as soon as the ranger's legs almost gave way from fear possibly being spotted, the figure continued his movement around the table.

The figure dropped down a hefty bag of gold coins on the table with a clatter , after which the stranger took a few steps back and the silhouette of the person faded into the shadows on the far side of the hall. While the trio leapt unto the table greedily dividing the spoils, the elf decided he had had enough thrill for today and quietly left the den and hurriedly delivered his important information to the governor.

Heroes! The Lair of the rebels has been found! Empire calls upon all the heroes of the 5th combat level and above to arrive at The Portal Ruins for the destruction of enemy forces. According to reports, the rebels are commanded by some 450 leaders, they are also firmly entrenched in deep caves and are thus well protected.

Voivod encourages all to put on the best ammunition to attack in threes - Th rebels, backed into the cave will put up their most fierce resistance. We have seen detachment guards at the entrance and two more squads inside.

Heroes' army should be cherished and mana conserved in order to move into the cave and to strike at the leaders. Winning past the second squad will grant the chance to receive elements, gold and artifacts of the Hero's level.

Empire will rank heroes by their victory in the cave. The victory over the guard at the entrance grants 1 point, over the second - 2 points and 3 points for defeating the third and a victory over the Rebel leader - 4 points. Ranking the War clans wi
Speaking in few words, this new event is similiar to
Exactly the same event again, just with different factions. Admins are lazy this time :p
that is exactly what i thought :P
Hope they balance it this time so high levels don't need to lose much
Do we have new creatures yet . . . ?
These kind of battle


Boss Battle


Rebellion logo

Im looking for imput on the best dwarf build at lvl 6 to make the most impact in the current event. I have not much other than hunts since level four and have not tried out any other options. Im Thinking about taking the double use of runes talent and basic holy magic and then casting bless and rapid on my team mates strongest stacks. I think it would work best if I am paired with team mates that are higher than my level. The other options would be Chaos magic with magic arrow (could still do some holy) or a pure might build. Anyone else tried these builds w a lvl 6 dwarf?? Any thoughts?? Also, am I going to be a big nuisance to my team mates for not being able to understand battle chat??
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