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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
necromencer level 5...
I mean the max settle for each creature, and we can look for it manualy, make changes etc.

If i'm not wrong the name of site, is treasurearmor.ru something like that, i don't remember, i lost it...
How u guys understand opponents talents in battle, for those who cant read russian?
I have a good memory, so when i discorver what one is, i'll always remember.

About my question, i already find, the name of site is witchhammer...
for elf_89:
For example XXX marnR XXX is one of the magic schools (Chaos = Xaoca). Fortune looks like YAaya, Defense like 3awnta and offense like HanaAeHnR.
+ 3105:
I'll add that holy magic talents looks like "CBeTa", darkness magic = "TbMbI", Education like "ObPA3OBAHIE", sorcery like "4APOAEISTBO".
I just discover a super-wealthy ru player with only 1954 enrolls! OMG!

I know that he donate, but to reach her achievements is way beyond my imagination.
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Look at his LG
lol seems that this level 14(!) guy doesn't even know what LG is :D

adm talk snow!!!!!)
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The long awaited interview with Alexander and Maxim is here: http://daily.heroeswm.ru/n/dolgozhdannoe_intervyu_s_administraciei_igry

Short version:
At the moment they work for the big war against the new steppe barbarians. They 'hope' to start it this autumn, but they have some problems with its realization, so I think it won't start before christmas.

They're also planning to introduce the new alternative for the thieves' guild soon. It will have something to do with the packmaster event. We'll see :)

Finally, the altupgrades are almost ready, but they want to delay their implementation due to further faction balancing.
steppe barbarian(tribals) would be a new playable faction

I love to see how they are going to balance ranger and forest brethern
ranger and forest brethren are altgrades from elfs, they have nothing to do with steppe barbarians ...
no info about .com there?
I know

second line was about altgrades not steppe barb
Finally, the altupgrades are almost ready, but they want to delay their implementation due to further faction balancing.

Thanks for the news :) At long last, altgrades will come... Come to think of it, I think that rebels could be hunted before I even registered here ^^
no info about .com there?

Unfortunately not.
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