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AuthorEverything about .ru

What are the costs of a dwarve castle at level 9?

Minimum and maximum costs please. A prober link to a good info site would help, too.
for Nutella:

max cost =250K

minimum cost=155K (no black smith, no T1 upgrade, no magic guild, no extra inventory space)
Thanks a lot :)
hm... at level 13 minimum cost is 230.380
That is without magic guild, warehouse, blacksmith and upgraded units.
But are the upgraded units (tier 1, 2, 3 and 4) a big difference compared to the normal units?
Or are they like the poisoner / gremlin engineer not a big difference and are not needed?
For the record:
Abilities are:
Rage, Large Shield, Armoured.

for Sven91:
The Tier 1, not that necessary. Added ability only useful against DE

Tier 2. Gaining 2 more shots and no Melee penalty is important if you ask me.

Tier 3. Very Important. Paw Knock is very useful. especially in end-game of fights. It is stun that has a trigger chance is based on moved squares.

Tier 4. Not neccessary. They die fast, even more so with the added Madness. Don't see much use for kamikaze bombs in a fight.
Tier 4. Not necessary? LOL!
Tier 4. Not neccessary.

no, it's very important. Tier 2 is not that necessary, but tier 4 definitely is
hm... i just compared the stats
T2 -> T2 upgrade:
+1 min dam / +1 max dam / +2 arrows / +2 hp / no melee penalty

T4 -> T4 upgrade:
+1 dam / +1 def / +1 min dam / +2 max dam / +5 hp / madness

The hp bonus depends for most part on the amount of units you can recruit to see if it is usefull or not and I dont know what "madness" is so I cant judge that.

But the extra att/def/min/max damage seems nice.
Though the T2 units seem to me as a retal taker, like the bandits / poisoners for DE. T2 upgrade does not have a higher ini, so not needed i think.

and T3 upgrade is definitely needed without a doubt (and I think T1 upgrade is also good for the lower levels).
Madness (activated ability): The creature attacks the nearest enemy stack within its movement range without retalliation. It also increases its attack by its defense (defense becomes equal to 0) for 1 turn.
1 turn is 1 hero turn? or 1 turn from the berserkers?
Because if it is a hero turn next time the enemy attacks they have 0 defence and do get retaliation :P
for Sven91:

1 turn is from the berserkers. So after it use "madness" it loses all its defense until it comes back to its turn
Oh, that sounds good then.
I can already imagine tactics where you have some morale and the next turn comes fast so the 0 defence for a short time does not matter (much).
Though just to be sure, if you use madness, you can attack without retaliation, but if other troops attack the same stack again, they do get retal right?
but if other troops attack the same stack again, they do get retal right?

Well, I guess it how you guys play then.

for Liuker:
Are you sure about that 1 turn. I'm quite sure it's 1 (unmodified) hero turn, same as spells.
for Takesister:

Actually I haven't got chance to try it out yet since I don't have a level 12 character there

But check this out:


At the very moment when the berserker get its turn (which is clearly less than 1 hero turn), click pause and you will see it has 51A/19D instead of 70A/0D...

I have created a toon on RU.

Can anyone tell provide a link for the following in english

1. All the dwarf units

2. The dwarf talent wheel

3. the dwarf special abilities i.e. runes

Also could someone PM me with the following

1. Primary Character: In russian
2. Secondary Character: In russian?

You mean this: http://angelsndemons.freeforums.org/dwarf-faction-complete-guide-t284.html
for Ravensclaw:
1. troops:

2. talent wheel: https://www.lordswm.com/skillwheel_demo.php?f=8

3. runes: https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=6070
Thank you Takesister and Magier

I just started a dwarf over in ru aswell, no idea whats going on or what anything means tho haha

PS Their map is HUGE
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