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can someone explain?

Authorcan someone explain?
4. Sell resource to factory.
Some people is doubt how much you can earn buy selling resource to factory. Here I can tell you that every hour you can earn around 200 gold to 1000 gold +++. You need to know every factory production time, reach there before factory production time. Waiting there, when you see people enroll, sell the resource to factory fast. After finish enroll, travel to next factory and repeat the same process. You need to travel a lot. Do this if you got time.
i dont know how to do this. please explain more detailed.THX
it's annoying, it takes lot of time, lot of cash and so on....

you buy steel for 750 gold... you sell it in factory for 752 - you earned 2 gold....

and repeat process 100 times in 1 hour and you earned 150 gold...

boring if U ask me...
What you didn't understand? Buy recources at the mines with low price and sell them at facilities with high price. Simple, as I see=)
Yeah, I found selling resources to factories tedious & not worth the time. Earning 1 or 2 gold for all that effort really takes the fun out of the game.
Yes. All the time you do that, you could go out, work a real job, make money, come back here to buy diamonds, and convert them to game gold. You'll make much more gold that way. And the Admins will appreciate it more too.
for Geryon:
That's not the point here...

for Zephyranna:
It's not 1 or 2 Gold. It's 1 or 2 gold PER resource sold.
Example: Def Shield Factory.
There are 20 places of enrollment, which means 20 units of wood, steel and nickel (if all are LG 0) are used each hour to make those shields.
If you went there at the end of the work hour, you could potentially sell 20 wood, 20 nickel and 20 steel.

They buy wood at 185, Steel at 754 and nickel at 1706. The factories/mines sell wood at 184, Steel at 750 and nickel at 1700. Thus 20 units' profit is
20*( (185-184) + (754-750) + (1706-1700) ) = 20*(11) = 220 gold

And that is only 1 factory. You have about 10 minutes to stock up on other stuff and sell at another factory that ends it's work at the next 10 minute mark.

If a factory is filled with high LG players, the amount of resources used is greater, thus increasing the number needed, but also reducing the gold the factory has to pay you with.

The risk is that a factory would not have enough gold to buy everything from you or that someone else is doing the same as you and racing with you to see who sells their load of resources first.
simply not worth the effort and time imho
Imo, the cumulative profit generated over a long period of time is certainly worth the extra few clicks. Its not really time wasting, unless the player camps out at the facility to engage clickwars for resource selling.
I used to make quite a profit this way, back on lvl 5.
I used to make a lot of gold this way by holding lots of resources and going around selling. If you put in an effort, you can easily make 1000-1500 gold per hour. Nowadays I don't put in that effort, so I make less than 500 gold per hour doing this.

That's not the point. If it's like that, then I'm wasting time enrolling too. I could easily make more real money, buying diamonds, and then exchanging for gold. And if you say something like it's only takes a few minutes to pay attention and enroll once per hour. Well, guess what? I can still make more gold if I use diamonds.

The whole point is that this is a game and I don't want to do something like that.
Taking Def Shield factory...

They buy wood at 185, Steel at 754 and nickel at 1706. The factories/mines sell wood at 184, Steel at 750 and nickel at 1700. Thus 20 units' profit is
20*( (185-184) + (754-750) + (1706-1700) ) = 20*(11) = 220 gold

Yeah, the example is good but the result is... Lame. =D

Each one is entitled to his/her opinion, of course, and factories would cease to work if some people were not providing them with resources. But the return on investment is just too low (4-6 gold on Magic Powder being the most laughable example)

Imagine that, instead of traveling the map to carry all this Steel, nickel, wood and all to factories, you did nothing but enrolled to a mine ONE EXTRA TIME per day. You'd have much more gold in the end.

I raise my hat to merchants struggling to earn gold while selling resources to factories - the game needs them. But I think it's not worth the effort.
That's not the point. If it's like that, then I'm wasting time enrolling too.

It is exactly the point. Unlike other ways of making money (hunt, labor, thief, merc), this way makes money, and only money. The other ways give you additional benefits (guild points, maybe additional exp). So if money is all you're interested in, then do what I suggested, for much better results.
Oh, and enrolling hardly wastes anytime. A few seconds each hour.

You're talking about people spending an entire hours doing this for 1000-1500 gold per hour. That's hardly an effective use of time.
The only way I can justify doing this, is if it's fun for you. If engaging in this clicking war gives you pleasure, as fighting battles does me, then by all means, click away.
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