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Merry Christmas Thread!


AuthorMerry Christmas Thread!
just do some combat, and you will get something for vault
Group Battle?
Merry Christmas!
how to dial the code?
push or drag?
just win any combat, and you will get chance for get a trinket.
i got 7/9 and took 6000 exp.Can those items also be found inb MGS>
for Alexander (adm):

do we have limit time? Or it will stay until we finish the quest?
"The Sphynx has prepared a Gift Vault for every worthy Lord! Take Her challenge to gain access to the Vault."
What does it all mean?
Merry Christmas to all lords of war and money playes
im setting ambush... im wondering how will the caravn look.... maybe if i win they give me price lol...
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How long will this event last? Till Chrismas is over? Because I don't think 1 day is enough to get all the trinkets...
i won n get snowflake!!! yay
i've jus noticed the troop regen time has been halved, nice :)
can we get anything by group battle???
55 see post 45
just be careful once a trinket is in it is locked in
The Sphynx has estimated your knowledge, quick wit and steadfastness. You have answered 8 out of 9 riddles and been found worth to choose from the following Gifts. You have also gained access to your personal compartments within the Gift Vault. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Taken 18.80 Skill points, was also offered: 3,384 gold or 20680 Exp. points.

I'll start drilling my way into that vault now.
So, I saw 28 spaces... does that mean all of them need to filled in? At least 28 wins? that sounds quite some fights...
I just figured how to do that vault thing lol
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