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Merry Christmas Thread!


AuthorMerry Christmas Thread!
Merry Christmas all from down here in New Zealand where it hit the 25th of December 20 minutes ago!!

I just opened up my first section of the vault and found a Tiger's Claw!!

Screen shot is here -

Have a wonderful night! :)
Got 4 trinkets out of 6 battles. Both times I got nothing were gray dot hunts.
I got a master hunter dagger on opening a vault ? :!
u completed it??? gratz!!!
Hi .. Merry X-Mas from yogyakarta, Indonesia .. :) ^^

May all ur christmases be white .. :) or in indonesia be WET .. :)
Merry Christmas from Poland :)
2 battles, 2 trinkets :)
3 battles 2 trinkets
14 battles 7 trinkets :)
unlocked 1 vault i got only 11 ore :)
4 battles won, no trinkets so far...

I answered the sphinx 7/9...
8 wins - 1 trinket (7/9)
anyone can open the vault?
#151 Read #141
I think the Map should be snowy also... Why it keep green?
[Post deleted by moderator Skunder // off topic]
finally I got master ring of flight
got steelblade from the first chamber
I just opened first section of my vault and found something awesome: 8 sulphurs. Wow :-)))))
1st chamber - 6 crystals... probably outer chambers consist of 300-3000g prizes.
1535 people are online, wow!!
The Sphynx has prepared a Gift Vault for every worthy Lord! Take Her challenge to gain access to the Vault. how to play?
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