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Merry Christmas Thread!


AuthorMerry Christmas Thread!
7/9 right, 6/20 trinkets, only 30%
8/26, 31%
no way to trade trinkets right? cuz i got too many snowflakes and way too little lampions ^^
for ViolentReaper:
Nope. Sorry
I need 9 Lampion!! Help!
i have opened 4 safes. 11k exp is ok compared to 22 fsp i had previously. 11 wood on the other hand is kind of lame ^^
Only 4 Snowflakes left... Where can I find them?
for togort:
Can I believe u?
opened 5th chest, again 11k exp :-(
3 stars and i can start the final safe :-)
I made a dream when I was asleep, and I found 4 shiny diamonds in the golden vault. ^^
to darmoghathel....
why not??? i just need 2 more :)
to hiddenshadow:
for real?
for anaka97:
Yes, it is real.
10/35, 29% >:( Why am I the only one not getting trinkets..
40/73 but still need 5 lanterns to open the final 3 vaults...

very frustrating...
I need 1 star for golden vault!!!
the TL;DR version is out

survival tourneys will be held once a fortnight and lasts for 1 weeks everytime

new production facilities r built
ST facilities are also out
as for Ridge of Hope also some new facilities
Finally managed to open 2nd after 38[!] wins.
Steel blade.
12/38 trinkets, 32%
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