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Merry Christmas Thread!


AuthorMerry Christmas Thread!
i win 1 hunt. but dont have anything. :|
its random....
how many time is our health to full??? i think 2 time faster..
Hunts come faster too
Taken 18.80 Skill points,

I am also lvl 9, though received only 13.80 for 8/9 answers
So, I saw 28 spaces... does that mean all of them need to filled in? At least 28 wins? that sounds quite some fights...

it says The Sphynx has prepared a Gift Vault for every worthy Lord, so not everyone qualify. 28 wins isn't that hard to achieve. even in 1 day :)
elenthil: skill point, gold and exps

to everybody
what i have to do after questions in 2nd game?
1 fight - it is empty ((
do our arts loose durability when battling?
do our arts loose durability when battling?
to hablaty: u need to fight anything to get something...
to xxxkratosxxx yes
I get only 13 point?? unfair ?
How long does the trinket loot will be?
i think if you open one compartment you get something and you are one step closer from opening from opening the golden compartment
4 hunts but i still dont got anything..
how long does the trinket will available? Untill new year? i dont think i could finish it
experience points
I felt I had answered all the question well .. :) but just 6 out of 9 ??

Hmm .. bdw .. what is The GIFT VAULT ?
[Post deleted by moderator Skunder // ]
i just did a merc quest and got a snowflake trinklet
bdw does not exist...it's "by The way".

the gift vault is the additional gift one could receive by finding all of the Trinkets. fight neutral monsters...win trinkets....open compartments...win stuff. I think that's as basic as it can be explained.
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