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Merry Christmas Thread!


AuthorMerry Christmas Thread!
I predict that i will open the Golden vault before event closes
Merry Christmas!

thx admins for all the sudden updates ^^ (i love the double exp in caravans:)
I guess the golden vault won't contain more than 15k, so I won't bother tyring too hard..
I have completed one: Master hunter mascrobe :)
same with me. gotta get two more trinks to open the second compartment. i wounder, what's the golden one has hidden inside?
3 trinkets in 12 wins.. 25%
maybe gold +10k....
I guess the golden vault won't contain more than 15k, so I won't bother tyring too hard..

15k is a lot for a lot of people.
a lot for me who is loaning :p
BLessed Christmas Everyone!!!!!
I haven't got a trinkets yet =(
6th level demon, i have got:

master hunter maskrobe
5 mercury
master hunter cutlass
hunter glove
5 crystals
2.5k exp points
still need one last star to open the final vault :) crossing fingers))
6 gems.. zzz wanna skill points :)
my alt got 3 sulphurs so dun complain -_-
Merry Christmas!

And thanks for the updates, dear Admins :)
unfortunately we'll have some trinkets that will remain unused :(.

until now - gh sword, 14 wood and a tiger claw
If I were to guess, I'd say the final vault contains 12.5K, in the form of 5 diamonds! I think this would be a very good idea on the Admins' part. Although most people would just turn them into gold, this might prompt some to donate additional diamonds, since 5 is not enough to do anything with.
Do we have an option not to accept the gift from any of the vaults, because I don't want to have an experience bonus?
#197 You can't refuse the gifts in vaults. Just hope you won't gain exp.
Hope that you will get fsp :)
I opened 1 compartment and got 11k exp.((
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