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Information needed


AuthorInformation needed
Please could any of the older members remember a character called "Sorish". I think it was a visitor from a far off land to the Empress. I have had some... commuications with his name in it and would like to know what deeds he did here.

what are say?

there are no name called (Sorish)
I am sure that I read the name in an early announcement but now I can't find it
Sorish is the archmage from the far off lands. He didn't really do much. Basically he was an envoy delivering a message about the evil dwarves, told us to prepare, and gave us light mithril arts (lvl 8-9 arts). Then we had the dragon event and made the pier and lighthouse.

Then there were some more story talking to the archmage after he already left and story about the mastermind which lead to the first ST.

Then archmage got home and told us they beat the dwarves.
Thank you Pantheon. It really was puzzling me.

Do you happen to have any reference to our Empress actually visiting those far off lands at that time or any other time?
Actually about the arts, I think had it wrong. It was lvl 7-8 arts in the early part of the Sorish storyline. And at some point towards the end we got the lvl 9-10 arts.

And then way afterwards during Grand Update I we got the lvl 11-12 arts.

Our Empress never visited those far off lands. The archmage only visited us once and we never visited them. The Empress did speak to the archmage via a magical stone he gave her. So that's how she spoke with him after he already left. And how he was surprised that we finished the pier and lighthouse before he even got home yet. And she also spoke with him after he got home and reported back how his people beat the dwarves.
Pantheon thank you for that. Many of us were not here then :)
No problem. All the posts are still in the Official announcements. But I guess it helps more if one was actually there following the storyline as it appeared.
Slayer of Noobs passed on to me some letters from a friend of mine in that far off land. I studied there for a while. I don't know how slayer got them but the content was.....disturbing.

I was in the forest hunting at the time he visited and one of my druids took the letters from Slayer of Noobs. By the time I read them..Slayer was on a quest and so I have no idea how he got hold of them.

It is a mystery
Well, one day as I was resting at my camp, a rather wealthy caravan came down past it. Some of my goblins and orcs thought it would be fun to go loot it. When they did, they came back with their findings, which including a few letters.

The content of these letters suprised me, and I immediately brought them to you, Rilin, so you and your wise men could examine them.
The language of these letters was unfamiliar to me, and I immediately brought them to you, Rilin, so you and your wise men could examine them.

*Fixed that last part.
I see, well that explains that part. Thanks.

Pantheon says that our Empress has never visited those lands.

I wonder if anyone else knows a little more about the Empress who rules those lands because those letters certainly indicate things that it seems we do not know.
Hum... strange letters, aye?

I might know someone to help you with those...
who syrian?

He's my cousin. He has been around for a long time... I bet he knows how to decipher the letters!
I'll pm them to you
opens the mail and checks the letters


I don't know where Jedi is at the moment, but I know how to search for him :)

gathers his belongings and heads out

I'm on my way... I'll try to get to Jedi as soon as possible.

Expect me back soon.
Hurry up please. I don't like what I think I'm reading. Well. I suppose we'll see .
Any chance of sharing what you got?
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