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Pirate raids


AuthorPirate raids
Check it out.
Attention, Heroes! There are rumors that in the taverns of the Empire pirate recruiters-rogues have appeared again, attracting travelers to their ranks with beautiful tales of easy gain and fast ships with experienced crews.

Excerpts from the pirate code:
1) According to the pirate code of honor, raids on sea trade caravans are carried out in the format 1 to 1;
2) The raids take place only with the crew that fit on the ship. The rest of the crew will be able to wait in the inn or tavern;
3) Through a telescope it is worthwhile to consider your goal well. If the defenders of the ship are not on the shoulder of your crew, it is better to look for the victim easier. But the simpler the victim, the less potential profit;
4) Considering the risks of craft, you should join the battle in the standard outfit from the stores; modifiers do not work;
5) Remember that the peculiarities of your factions no longer work, you are now a pirate! But skills and spells work in full;
6) In a day you can carry out no more than 12 raids, do not drive the team, tea is not horses - they will die quickly. However, unused attempts are postponed, for a rested crew is capable of much;
7) The duration of the raid should not exceed 8 days (until September 20 inclusive), excluding special cases - a maximum of 3 days for everything about everything ( you can survive the remaining attempts until September 23 inclusive );
8) After a successful raid with yourself it is worth taking everything that glitters, rings, thunders and gurgles: silver, artifacts of creatures, mercenary elements, diamonds, and also artifacts with reduced strength;
9) Do not forget about the mercenary market, where you can hire an additional crew for silver. The prices of various fighters depend on the demand for them and change every hour;
10) Mercenaries can be hired in reserve, but not more than twice as many as they can get on board. It is always better to have an ace in the sleeve;
11) If too much silver has accumulated, it can be lowered to a new more powerful ship or cannons for it;
12) The more powerful the ship, the more crew it will be able to take on board and the more guns can be installed on it;
13) The parameters of the guns depend on their improvements and the level of the ship's captain, but do not depend on the parameters of the captain;
14) If the crew fell in battle, then 5% of the team perishes forever on victory and 3% on defeat;
15) At the end of all raids, Captain Red Beard will award worthy artifacts from his own collection, and exchange silver for pure gold!
16) To maintain morale, the pirate Rizheborod issues a bottle of premium rum for 15, 30 and 50 victories

For 15 wins

For 30 wins

For 50 wins

One more thing! From the stolen port registers it became known that some imperial ships transported a valuable cargo - fragments of a special shield . Do as much as possible - and you will certainly be able to get them!

Imperial Shield

for 10 wins: +1 part;
for 20 wins: +2 parts;
for 30 wins: +3 parts;
for 40 wins: +4 parts;
for 60 wins: +5 parts;
for 70 wins: +6 parts;

At the end of the raids, depending on the amount of silver stolen, Redhead will personally issue up to 30 pieces of the Imperial Shield.

A full artifact will be assembled automatically if there are 100 parts. This artifact can not be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred to repair or to install modifiers.
Yay, free anti. If I recall, the best factions for this are fury barb because cheap offensive talents and wizard, because chaos + resing dead army before the end :/
Is this a max AP event if we want to go for 70 wins ?
Got the answer, max AP is required, sorry for double post.
This strategy is amazing
Aww man lost one battle because I forgot to switch back to wizard after altering my inventory. Man it sucks to have the inventory buildings on only your main faction :/

Hope this wont set me back too much. I need 50 parts for imperial shield so...
Victories / Combats: 11 / 12

Silver available: 905
Silver gained: 5,247

1 mistake cost me 1 battle..
Gotta be more careful from tomorrow.
You were instantly going for stronger troops heh? I wont get that much silver today
Yes, max upto CL12 opponent. ( last 3 battles )
Victories / Combats: 10 / 12

Silver available: 312
Silver gained: 3,931
Hopefuly I can still make it to top 100 :)
Rally works?
14) If the crew fell in battle, then 5% of the team perishes forever on victory and 3% on defeat;

What does "If the crew fell in battle" mean? Surely it can't mean that some units die in battle, because that's a certainty, not an "if".
The if is if they die, I.e. if the enemy has done some damage and killed a stack.

Not if they fall and if they die.
Well, that's certainly not true. None of my stacks got killed completely, and I lost troops anyway.
If you have a stack of 40 troops, and 5 die during the course of the battle, in the next fight you'll start with less than 40.
It's the % of the "dead" (let's call it undead) that actually die after the battle. If you lose a single unit (in a big stack or alone in the stack) becomes undead it will always die for good before next battle because it rounds up.
Yes, I just figured that out. What they really mean to say is,

Upon victory, 5% of units that were killed during battle will perish permanently. Upon defeat, only 3% will perish.

It's kind of weird that you'd lose more units when you win than when you lose. Do you beg for mercy when you lose or what?

Different question. For one of my battle, for the result it showed "loots 'Hauberk [10/10]'". I thought that's an artifact that would show up in my inventory, but I see no such thing. And before you ask, I have plenty of space in my inventory (nearly 30 slots left). So what is this?
Oh, never mind. I am wearing it. lol.
"loots 'Hauberk [10/10]'"
which hauberk are you wearing right now?

did you get it in this battle?
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