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Pirate raids


AuthorPirate raids
Really? You can equip pirates with mini arts?

I know barbarian's stunning blow and unholy necro's master animator skills don't work. So what works?

No, you can't use unique racial abilities, nor can you use central talents. You can use any other talent.
No, you can't use unique racial abilities, nor can you use central talents. You can use any other talent.

So they mean talents (but not central talents), not skills.
Stunning blow is not a talent nor is it a racial skill. It is a skill obtained through a building. It doesnt work because from buildings you can only use magic.
Victories / Combats: 77 / 86

Silver available: 2,037
Silver gained: 61,199

10 battles left, aiming for 74k

next ship in 6 or 7 battles all being well, not sure if it is worth it or whether should put all into cannons but diminishing returns on them now
Victories / Combats: 92 / 96

Silver available: 1,427
Silver gained: 68,533
Look at this fight...

omg this is the biggest wtf fight i played a very long time..

look at it and cry with me..

Final score:

Victories / Combats: 92 / 96

Silver available: 0
Silver gained: 69,498

Some underestimated enemies some mistakes, but i am satisfied with my score :)

Ship lvl 7,
6 cannons all 12 defence level and 9 attack level
Well done Majesticos and yeah it sucks when you lose.

I just lost one as well, if you lose your cannons in the first volley its all over.

The thing is the judgement of difficulty is a bit off when they have enchants equipped. At least both of our enemies had an additional 10% air damage and I am not sure what art gives that (the 8% they have in mine is from the sword of cold)

I need to learn to be less greedy I guess.


Victories / Combats: 82 / 93

Silver available: 164
Silver gained: 67,010

If I had taken the easy path with comfortable 1k silver battles when at 86 battles I would easily have hit 71k, now I am not sure I will get 70.

Greed, tis a deadly sin, and I just died.
Ok I worked it out, not an enchant but a greater temporal dagger. It's also how they get huge INI bonuses FM
From the temporal set
Victories / Combats: 85 / 96

Silver available: 2,435
Silver gained: 70,268

Happy enough in the end, still a competitive score I think even if lower than should due to too many losses. Glad it is done though!
Yeah lord too greedy :-) for a wiz
Congrats you too milestug :-)
In the end i was beating about 1200 silver fights, one i won about 1300, but anyway i am satisfied too :-)
The whole event i were looking at your score and comparing :-D you were my goal :-)
Victories / Combats: 94 / 96

Silver available: 1,589
Silver gained: 75,045
Tell me something, did you use SoC and similar items to get the scores? I played a lot more conservatively. Will a cost price of 1500 per battle be made up by the reward? I was wondering about a cost benefit analysis.
for Greyfalcon:

this is go big or go home event, last time I manage to get 430k profit (gold reward + sold the arts - cost). but I just lucky that the event arts is a ring so demand is higher (everyone need 2 rings)
man, almost every win was priced with some looted artifact or element cost about 1000 gold,so its profitable for sure.

+ prices for winning every fight
+ money for winningsat the end
+ pirate artifact cost at the end

I used only artifact shop full arts
Awesome score Mega Demon!
Victories / Combats: 90 / 96

Silver available: 2,659
Silver gained: 63,114

fairly average score, but i feared going above 1k, when i got that high i started seeing enemies wearing the GTSR... big pain :D
Victories / Combats: 94 / 96

Silver available: 848
Silver gained: 60,776

Ship lvl 8,
7 cannons all 6 durability and 9 attack

Looking at your scores I think I played too safely :D

Very fun event!
Looking at your scores I think I played too safely

Yes you did. I played very, very conservatively, and I still got this:

Victories / Combats: 96 / 96

Silver available: 2,182
Silver gained: 64,374

I have 6 cannons with 8 durability and 11 damage. I could have saved 900 silver by not pushing up my cannons' durability for the last battle.
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