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Pirate raids


AuthorPirate raids
Can you get more than 1 diamond for a single battle?
I got 2 in 1 battle.
Nice! That's worth 10K or 30K, depending on whether you're selling or buying it.
Day 1 done, pretty happy with that, should have been higher, underestimated tribals and spirit

Victories / Combats: 11 / 12

Silver available: 2,488
Silver gained: 5,785
I was thinking "Well, time to raise Anti-Skill FSL for Dwarf, since I find it kinad strong".
Was checking Talents for this Faction, and thought... "Wait, Piercing Luck will work?!!!" XD

Someone confirm this please? Would be cool!

Also, sad you need Magic Schools for throwing the Magics :P
In this very specific Event, I have a tendency to pick Factions/Classes with "Innate Swiftness".
Really helps often, to have +1 Speed on everyone.

It is true though, that you'd be lacking the Damage you'd get from Offensive Talents, for instance.
Not sure how any faction can compete with Wizard on this one. The raise aspect means you can win with no loss, something just impossible with a might build
Why just Wizard? Don't necros and holy knights have access to Nature as well?
but do they have strong chaos magic to kill enemy quickly?
Victories / Combats: 23 / 24

Silver available: 4,367
Silver gained: 8,195

What should I focus on?
What should I focus on?
Sleeping, you are sleep deprived bro
Sleeping, you are sleep deprived bro lol xD
How hard are people pushing it? 670 is my highest so far (17th battle)


I think I could perhaps go higher, but rather risky. I have a recollection that you hit a point where the silver gets higher, but the enemies are not necessarily massively harder, which obviously is a good place to aim.
Pushed it to 735 so I could get cannon for the next ship. Tense stuff trying to be good, not sure I like it. Better stop and do some work.

Does everyone have the same initial troops? If that's so (40 corsairs 8 fatso), that's another big reason Wizard may be the best, since these troops are clearly inferior than most other available. Hero being the main damage dealer allows for using them as sponge, and can save silver by not having to get better troops.
For Lord MilesTeg, in your battles, your cannons were destroyed. Was that permanent?
nope, they come back for free. As such then cannons are very useful for a chaos build.

There damage is not linked to hero stats, as such no negative taken from having all that spell power and knowledge.

Because of this they are focused by the enemy meaning they provide effective distraction from them focusing your troops, and on top of all that they come back for free when your troops don't.
Good to know. I've been protecting my cannons because I was afraid I'd have to replace them.
how to play the might build any help on that??
Victories / Combats: 22 / 24

Silver available: 45
Silver gained: 13,387

Again 1 battle lost today because of too much morale bursts.. can never predict.
Victories / Combats: 22 / 24

Silver available: 1,881
Silver gained: 10,234

It seems You are killing bigger armies?

I go for 500-550 silver enemies - close battles

Again 1 battle lost today because of too much morale bursts.. can never predict. Same here - i guess I will avoid Tribal ships :)
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