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Pirate raids


AuthorPirate raids
for FredySky:
gold reward depends on battles won
Collected, I'm sure.
This is the result from a previous pirate raids event:


As you can see, the ranking was based on total silver plundered.
From the original info

15)At the end of all raids, Captain Red Beard will award worthy artifacts from his own collection, and exchange silver for pure gold!

As such the implication is that whatever the silver you have collected, will be turned into gold.
Ah, "gold" reward. I missed that part of the question.
As such the implication is that whatever the silver you have collected, will be turned into gold

Sadly doesn t say the rate of exchange :(

Gold is usually awarded as some combination of "combat level * battles won "

The line could just mean he'll take your silver away and give you an amount of gold based on your wins. :)
Victories / Combats: 71 / 80

Silver available: 1,152
Silver gained: 54,227

Go to ship level 7, army now too big for raise to be a viable option (takes 3-4 raises to get fatsos back), so I think I need to go defensive build.

I think perhaps I will use my top tier troops, but then when they die replace them with something else. Perhaps women pirates since they still seem cheap. I wonder if the extra ini could allow them to move soon enough to cause the AI to block the walkways with a big creature and thus delay them. Do the casters live long enough to be useful?
The witches normally last 4 casts for me. But that is just me :D

Last combat.

Victories / Combats: 82 / 96

Silver available: 1,220
Silver gained: 56,712

Parts of "Imperial shield": 71

Once again gonna be liiitle short of getting the art :/

Hopefully next time I can do better in this event.

Also raised my wizard anti all the way up to 6!
I'm done

Victories / Combats: 70 / 73

Silver available: 2,497
Silver gained: 37,334
i will say in my view 96 battles are way too much. although if it was dungeon event then 96 is not enough :D
@Santremus, I think you have three more days to do your remaining battles, right?
for Omar Contreras:
I do. I might consider doing it but I'm in this mostly for the Imperial parts.
Well the better score you get the more parts you get so, finish up. Also Anti :)
Also, in a previous time, the durability of the artifact awarded depended on the amount of silver plundered, did it not?
yes it was also a art that sold for 500k for the top dura :D dont wanna miss your chance for that right ;)
5) Remember that the peculiarities of your factions no longer work, you are now a pirate! But skills and spells work in full;

What skills?
Unique abilities, like wizard mini arts.
My first battle as defensive build, pretty happy I would say.

Unique abilities, like wizard mini arts.

Really? You can equip pirates with mini arts?

I know barbarian's stunning blow and unholy necro's master animator skills don't work. So what works?
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