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2nd crusade event


Author2nd crusade event
Lets go bois
Holy talents this time.

The central talent increases damage and magic resistance of your and allied troop by 4%.

The announcement asks to take spell power and knowledge in battle, but seems it is not needed. You already get them in battle.
That may be due to our high level giving us erudition, which wouldn't be the same for lower levels?
Holy talents? Pain.
Uh...should we use magic gear instead?
im pretty upset no dungeon caves
Good event, finally will be able to flex those darks
Any help with When the higher tier creatures become available?
for Knight Walker:

As soon as you purchase them :)
even if you have the money to purchase the higher tier, you still need to at least build the previous ones.
1,2,3 already unlocked
4,5,6 need to build 1,2,3
7 need to build all
Yup im guessing that was it ^ , got them now tho :)
Total win 20. 5 each per day. Thats little low...
for Eddreine_RinLi:

there are 30 main battles. probably to help those "complete" the event in much less time while still getting the good rewards
I kinda wanted this event to be the PoT necromancer faction instead. We already did the knight before, although for a different build. Also did the other PoT factions, demon, tribal, marine.
The Sun Inquisitor's special talent is Light`s blessing: all commanded troops gain 4% magic proof and +4% damage dealt

Do they really mean 4% each? Seems very underwhelming.
Yes, total 4% magic proof and 4% increase in damage dealt.

This is central talent. For most factions, it cost just 5 talent points. Considering that it is fine. Not as big as other talents increasing 10% melee damage or decreasing. But with combination it is 8% benefit for a less talent cost.
In difficulty lvl3 of the mian battle-the left of 4 icon, there is a tent of 3000hp, evert turn one army jumps out of it, how to pass this battle faster? kill the armyoutside? or attack the tent? Is the end of the game is to destroy the tent? if not, many armies will appear and I will lose the game for sure.
you should aim to kill the tent quite fast, normally you can take out the starting enemy army with shooters or reteliation.

Ok, this is just cl15 battle, but similar:

sorry for double post, but i forgot: Yes, you must kill the tent.
Buy more troops/tiers vs upgrade troops ?? Whats a good strategy?
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