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Market is going crazy with the prices of the elements11.14, 17:451Anita200811.14, 17:45, by Anita2008
Any new update you see post it here.11.14, 13:3722MyDoom11.14, 15:56, by gurumao
The coming tide11.02, 09:54240filowarrior11.14, 12:46, by -Lady- Lady Huntress
Ale now in artifact shop!11.14, 04:3162#7181Lord lcorndogl11.14, 10:49, by Lord Jeverag
I love filters11.13, 08:1724Georgia11.14, 04:41, by Lady Straws
Major inflation in elements11.12, 20:0123Krowe11.14, 03:44, by #7181Lord lcorndogl
Filtered Transfer logs11.13, 19:433#7153Elven_Lord11.13, 19:49, by #7153Elven_Lord
blackmail, having hunting partn being killed by not fighting11.13, 19:023Artuck11.13, 19:12, by Lady Takesister
Rule Updates - Please take note11.05, 13:0244#4201Arctic11.13, 17:36, by God5end
Lags and unstable service11.10, 16:3017Lord LeGaT11.13, 12:45, by elbuster
Filters in Transfer log11.13, 10:3015#7490RADO11.13, 11:48, by FaithBringer
Seraph's Tear11.13, 07:332Gaurav2211.13, 07:36, by Lady Takesister
Thief Guild11.13, 01:568Lord xordax11.13, 02:47, by darmogathel
How much are you planning to spend for House~ ?11.09, 11:11102gurumao11.12, 06:27, by Lady Takesister
card hints11.10, 04:4621forgottenknight11.11, 18:32, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
About AP limitation11.11, 13:572AlanMartel11.11, 15:25, by FaithBringer
tgi11.11, 10:335Saeedbad11.11, 10:44, by FaithBringer
Hunting11.09, 15:596-Lady- Lady Huntress11.10, 23:30, by Zuthor
Seraph's Tears11.05, 16:4058Karsot11.10, 07:43, by #7279desigirl
It's so frustrating11.06, 22:2457Lord Ghost_Face11.10, 03:19, by Lord Pentagon
text for factions11.09, 10:385expert11.09, 10:59, by expert
ELF factions topic11.09, 09:027Lord angah16011.09, 09:33, by Lady Takesister
theif's route11.08, 14:553expert11.08, 14:56, by expert
Advice In Battle And Mercenary Quest Topic11.08, 08:584LordAideed11.08, 09:02, by LordAideed
can you please suggest a strategy on this battle11.07, 12:376LordAideed11.08, 00:08, by LordAideed
strange thing happened11.07, 14:2710Lord moro8811.07, 19:06, by Lord moro88
lol look at this necro11.07, 06:224Lord Moonhunter11.07, 06:28, by #7705Lord Bazza
Suppy/Demand Elements .11.03, 13:1784Lord Erebes11.06, 14:51, by Lord Jedi-Knight
east bay's Inn11.05, 17:3944nffckid11.06, 11:06, by Arctic
Why the haunted Lab?11.01, 08:0926Lord Halvspak11.04, 18:16, by #7153Lord dmitriyns

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