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Topic Date
Author Last message
News speculation11.28, 09:0210Lord Halvspak11.30, 15:43, by FaithBringer
Penalty of 40k gold !11.30, 01:073Goku_3011.30, 01:13, by Lady Takesister
finance changes and the rising of a new market11.27, 09:052Lord last_one11.30, 00:22, by Lord KH9I3b
Thief/Thieving Topic11.07, 08:37213Lord Erebes11.28, 22:10, by Markussk
miniarts are refunded!11.14, 12:5077Lord ElementalAli11.28, 12:46, by I_own_you_all
russian11.27, 14:2312Lord gers11.27, 15:06, by Lady Takesister
Wizard Faction level 911.27, 06:093sjb5011.27, 06:51, by sjb50
----------- Min AP ---------- (AP Cheaters)11.26, 16:079WTOPus11.26, 16:50, by passo
the worst tier 5 creature07.19, 18:0367#7365Lord Conquest11.26, 15:33, by #7181Lord Xerfer
Buying Estates in Shares, Estate co-ownership etc11.17, 04:2713#4201Arctic11.25, 22:05, by #7181Lord lcorndogl
How to contact admin?11.25, 07:382fangling11.25, 07:41, by #7365Lord Kotrin
cowards!!11.24, 18:205superkalle20011.24, 22:41, by FaithBringer
whats left?11.24, 14:0816Sven9111.24, 22:12, by Lord Jeverag
New enchanting, first thoughts after the update11.23, 09:4324#7153Lord MrHellRaiser11.24, 21:43, by #7181Lord Jabbar
Element prices11.15, 11:3510#7181Lord Mr_eee11.24, 18:22, by Arkapal_11
And there were the Estates...11.16, 01:55163Erekose11.24, 15:27, by OndaNera
Throne battle11.18, 14:18460#7365Lockon11.24, 10:57, by hiddenshadow
MG Quests ambush bug?11.23, 22:192lukeeee11.23, 22:21, by Skunder
The Official Estate Topic11.23, 21:353hyakkali111.23, 21:41, by hyakkali1
The true dark age of Lordswm, aka lets talk about corruption11.22, 00:4936orkbustla11.23, 05:20, by Lady Takesister
see this combat11.23, 03:386Lord AJM11.23, 04:32, by orkbustla
[News] Enchaters' Guild changes11.22, 02:5331Lord coolsuperj11.22, 15:41, by Lord Jeverag
Tier 7s in quests, caravans11.22, 04:353passo11.22, 06:10, by #7181Lord lcorndogl
sry11.21, 22:304-Quzya-11.21, 22:34, by -Quzya-
Miliatry clans--a discussion11.18, 12:207bobsrevenge99911.21, 00:06, by bobsrevenge999
Introducing Update To 'Counter' New Enchanting Rule?11.20, 20:002Lord Jedi-Knight11.20, 20:13, by Zyanya
What update are the best at the moment?11.20, 19:282#7181Lord Mr_eee11.20, 19:30, by FaithBringer
dark elf cheat on tournaments11.19, 16:153Lord zcn11.19, 16:34, by Pang
TG Invitations11.14, 20:4544ShadowDragon711.19, 10:42, by OndaNera
Throne battle - after changing faction11.19, 06:053rosaic11.19, 06:07, by Gyver

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