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Topic Date
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Enrollment from mobile devices11.15, 01:2837Torque11.19, 02:39, by nnt000
Factions' Troops Balancing11.14, 17:5650Lord Jedi-Knight11.19, 00:09, by Lady Takesister
can ur second char play in that tournament?11.18, 20:223Lord -Malik-11.18, 20:26, by Skunder
is it fare for caravan troops to speed +1 every 10 rounds?11.18, 06:1617#7279Lord pptandppt11.18, 17:30, by #4201TK_
About new thefting11.18, 12:053#7181Lord Mr_eee11.18, 12:14, by Lady Takesister
Estate's renting11.18, 11:523expert11.18, 11:54, by #4201Shebali
Normal theiving be back.......Why?11.18, 11:226power900011.18, 11:32, by FaithBringer
Elf faction topic11.18, 11:042Abyss_XenoEvan11.18, 11:12, by #4201Shebali
New Tier 5 Upgrades11.17, 23:113Zuthor11.17, 23:18, by Zuthor
New Merc Guild Missions11.17, 07:443DarwenAward11.17, 17:24, by Sven91
New units - which do you think, is the best?11.14, 18:1940Humaeer11.17, 16:36, by Humaeer
Suppy/Demand/Pricing Artifacts - Market Turmoil11.17, 06:116Lord Erebes11.17, 07:05, by Lord Barilla
>>> Grand Update11.14, 17:04121Lord Jeverag11.17, 05:08, by Lady Takesister
Yet another rules addendum - IMPORTANT11.15, 04:2323#4201Arctic11.16, 22:37, by Lady Takesister
dragons11.16, 17:1323expert11.16, 18:25, by expert
everyone for oneself (for 6 player)11.16, 17:352Serpenta11.16, 17:42, by hiddenshadow
Knight "downgrade": I don't understand it!11.16, 14:572#7365ByronX11.16, 15:00, by FaithBringer
Talents was reset?11.16, 00:4610#7279Lord Liuker11.16, 10:43, by Sven91
Like the new battlefield for thiefs11.15, 23:353Twilighter11.16, 00:13, by FaithBringer
Ale+gating11.15, 18:0712Qrrwizix11.15, 20:26, by Geryon
ale11.15, 17:0722expert11.15, 17:32, by expert
List of Millionaires - begin with 41 players11.14, 10:2335Owen11.15, 14:19, by Owen
New present arts11.15, 11:395MassMacros11.15, 11:50, by #4201Shebali
TGI Prices11.15, 11:252#7181Lord Mr_eee11.15, 11:26, by FaithBringer
HG experience increased?11.15, 05:301#7279Lord Liuker11.15, 05:30, by #7279Lord Liuker
Can anyone playing on .ru discuss the TG map changes?11.14, 17:3918GardenCity11.15, 05:25, by Arctic
For administration11.15, 03:252Lord SILUR11.15, 03:50, by Zyanya
Army of Demons {0}11.14, 13:358Lady TaQQ11.15, 03:40, by Zyanya
AI total flawed11.14, 22:1313stepher11.14, 23:13, by FaithBringer
make a present to your friend...11.14, 18:072#7490Cocoon11.14, 20:49, by FaithBringer

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