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Author Last message
Ghosts not zombies!11.24, 17:277HunkKing11.25, 10:36, by Dwarkadish
Faction Change worth it ?11.24, 20:2113Taqtics11.25, 09:57, by Taqtics
Orbs and gating11.25, 07:011#7490Majblomma11.25, 07:01, by #7490Majblomma
Tournament problem with my scores11.24, 10:366devin_201111.25, 06:48, by devin_2011
Question regarding advertisements11.24, 13:165#1209Arcanide11.24, 16:05, by #1209Arcanide
Lightning Machine11.24, 08:587HunkKing11.24, 15:03, by Lord you-d0nt-say
Which Talent Set Better?11.22, 14:259Dwarkadish11.24, 13:02, by Lord Maszi_PL
Items not available in artifact shop11.24, 11:004drdre2311.24, 12:26, by drdre23
Lvl 9-10 CG battles11.23, 14:556#4201Lord DarkAtom11.24, 12:10, by #1209Arcanide
Best in?11.24, 11:523DRY9611.24, 12:03, by HunkKing
Duels with the same person11.24, 07:405narutoayan11.24, 08:19, by narutoayan
To Create A Clan11.23, 05:016Nefeiro11.24, 01:55, by Vlaer
Stun11.23, 23:492LILOLILO11.23, 23:57, by #4201Lord Khellendros
TGI11.23, 21:054alexanderthelit11.23, 21:10, by alexanderthelit
clan donation11.23, 15:133iamtheworldking11.23, 16:40, by Vlaer
Plague Shot11.21, 15:4512Dwarkadish11.23, 15:26, by 4themassive
about servers11.23, 10:303knilok11.23, 14:28, by knilok
about tournaments11.23, 10:323knilok11.23, 14:26, by knilok
nickel etc.11.09, 07:469Lord zombie-slayer11.23, 13:24, by Lord bots
Black List11.23, 12:315alexanderthelit11.23, 13:21, by alexanderthelit
leasing11.23, 06:464MrPositive211.23, 10:09, by #4201Lord Khellendros
hunt problem11.21, 20:374MrPositive211.23, 05:35, by KnightofDusk
Multiple characters11.22, 06:105GRUOK11.22, 07:51, by ElfPride
Barbarian Lvl 911.21, 14:596barbarian_orge11.22, 07:48, by #1209barbmaster
Elements11.22, 05:406I_N_S_A_N_E11.22, 07:07, by I_N_S_A_N_E
inability to login11.21, 17:335alterer11.22, 06:29, by alterer
Dragon's shield11.21, 08:558Dwarkadish11.22, 05:14, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Waste of money?11.21, 23:007666beasty11.22, 03:11, by 666beasty
Talent Points?11.21, 16:255Dwarkadish11.21, 17:09, by Dwarkadish
avatar11.18, 18:4111UARobUA11.21, 14:16, by Lord Sieg_Hart

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