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Id12.23, 12:053wylt12.23, 12:34, by #7181Omega22
loans12.22, 11:026#4201manufc21999r12.23, 11:11, by #4201manufc21999r
Hw to join a Guild?12.23, 07:328JianCheng12.23, 10:19, by #7365Lord Kotrin
dark elf12.23, 09:333naveen123412.23, 10:09, by Lord -Malik-
If I fight a battle for the mercenaries guild, will my...12.23, 08:084devilishD12.23, 08:36, by Sven91
What is this?12.23, 03:324GodOfMan12.23, 07:59, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Are ambushes easier in lv 10 than in lv 9??12.22, 18:3012Lord -Malik-12.23, 05:22, by elbuster
Why is this?12.22, 19:3715ghostzodi12.23, 00:55, by Lady Takesister
Ale: +1% initiative, 10% wayward troops till 19:4112.22, 17:433GodOfMan12.23, 00:50, by #7181Omega22
Laborers' Guild12.22, 17:013GodOfMan12.23, 00:30, by slop
What is the amount of minutes for hunts for each level?12.22, 03:566GodOfMan12.22, 20:37, by Lord Vyz
OMG Report this12.22, 17:187Lord -Malik-12.22, 18:17, by Lord -Malik-
Delay vs Rapid12.22, 14:1711Lord -Malik-12.22, 17:03, by Lord -Malik-
Retaliation12.22, 01:099Lord Ghost_Face12.22, 16:41, by Javi
Sorcerer sandals12.22, 16:062Saeedbad12.22, 16:07, by DarkSooth
help with this please:(12.22, 14:434Darkclaws12.22, 15:30, by #7181Omega22
The Big Poison Questions12.21, 13:2010#7365Lord Kotrin12.22, 15:21, by #7365Lord DrMr
i think thats wrong12.21, 21:045lubu6712.22, 15:11, by #7181Lord Xerfer
house12.22, 14:274jonki12.22, 15:09, by evilskyterrorr
CLAN!!!!!!!!!!12.22, 14:294jonki12.22, 14:44, by Lady Takesister
delay didnt work very good12.22, 14:153Lord -Malik-12.22, 14:36, by #7181Omega22
demobattles in ru12.22, 14:203Darkclaws12.22, 14:31, by #7181Omega22
caravan weaker after lost?12.22, 12:3019dziadu12.22, 13:35, by dziadu
which art for luck?12.22, 11:578evilskyterrorr12.22, 13:05, by evilskyterrorr
Any Clan of Knights?12.21, 15:349Kinzuls12.22, 12:25, by Kinzuls
Can anyone post a link to demobattle?12.22, 11:393power900012.22, 11:40, by #7181Omega22
Which is Better?12.22, 11:045Apih9412.22, 11:29, by Apih94
How to join a clan12.22, 09:043fatalblow12.22, 09:19, by fatalblow
hunting12.22, 08:336naveen123412.22, 09:09, by Lady Straws
why can i not see if hes online or not?12.22, 04:262#7279shock225512.22, 04:28, by #7279shock2255

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