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Happy Valentines Day !!! :)02.14, 05:1314sexywondergirl02.15, 03:33, by #7153Lord arcanyx
So who misses...02.10, 18:4421#7181Lord MasterTI02.15, 03:16, by #414Dan-Panic
The coalition for valentine boycot02.14, 07:428#7705Lord naviron02.14, 21:41, by #4201Lord Pantheon
valentine cards to give away02.14, 05:425Lord deadlyking02.14, 20:32, by kuzja
Happy Valentine Days !!!02.14, 05:121Mecharlestwins02.14, 05:12, by Mecharlestwins
Bye guys02.13, 19:024Mitashjain02.14, 04:12, by Mitashjain
Funny battle chat02.13, 11:414ishan02.14, 03:40, by ishan
ORD LO02.13, 13:262Skuwak02.13, 14:05, by God5end
Roulettle Trick02.12, 15:595Lady sry02.13, 11:05, by Lady sry
about ru.server02.12, 13:553Rantos02.12, 14:12, by Rantos
Commander's guild - Level 1302.12, 14:021Erekose02.12, 14:02, by Erekose
I need a Psychiatrist.02.12, 10:576Lord ZioBlade02.12, 11:07, by Lord ZioBlade
Pc games01.15, 09:0024Pankaj_Kalra2102.12, 09:55, by coolahed
Back Again02.08, 13:339Lord SOUVIK02.09, 16:34, by Lord SOUVIK
best battles in this game!02.03, 19:0212personaw02.08, 21:31, by Karsot
Happy Friendship Day !!!!08.01, 04:2021Goku_3002.08, 20:36, by #4201Lord Pantheon
You know you're addicted to Lords when...02.02, 04:387llamasushi02.08, 10:01, by ChooJeremy
fav songz09.29, 16:245yashrg02.07, 16:47, by Erekose
My Memorable Battles02.05, 13:3111ChakrabortySVK02.05, 15:15, by Lord ZioBlade
Just To Inform :))01.25, 10:5115sexywondergirl02.05, 14:31, by coolahed
Happy Chinese New Year!02.02, 06:2614Lord Red_Baron02.05, 14:26, by Brokkole_Gomer
Never letter "b" in the enroll code?01.29, 07:4810#4201Lord Robai02.05, 02:42, by Geryon
Beware of the GROUP02.04, 14:173ChakrabortySVK02.04, 14:24, by ChakrabortySVK
Heroes of might and magic 602.03, 11:5810Lord manti02.03, 18:16, by Lord ZioBlade
replacing arctic with me01.26, 11:5528naapa9202.02, 18:20, by Geryon
Where you from ?05.02, 05:40453Shadow_of_Evil02.01, 20:04, by #7185Lord jaxasx
HoN01.31, 18:151personaw01.31, 18:15, by personaw
Leaving Game01.30, 16:385Lord Reyron01.31, 12:04, by Lady Mohini
the heart of the stone titan01.31, 09:007Victory11101.31, 09:19, by Kiz
What is the person above you doing?05.20, 14:4639Artisian01.30, 14:20, by Lord Atheros

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