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Question04.15, 17:405coolahed04.15, 17:49, by coolahed
Do you have a heroes in Russia game04.15, 11:534Vladik-199404.15, 12:30, by #414Synthetic_soul
Let's forge TGI's04.12, 02:2312Lord Ghost_Face04.14, 23:58, by Lord Ghost_Face
Winter is coming!!!04.14, 11:312Lord Barilla04.14, 14:50, by #4201SwitchBlad3
pc guys i need gaming pc plzzz04.06, 10:573#1209FearMyArmy04.11, 11:51, by angeleyes81
facebook04.06, 14:376#9595Lord niranjan200904.10, 11:12, by #9595Lord niranjan2009
recruiter = scammer #665 Gwydion-Middle Earth Hunters03.27, 03:024watsup12304.10, 10:18, by Vastor
using animals as weapons04.06, 18:2820naapa9204.06, 19:51, by naapa92
Games04.06, 12:127Lord richies04.06, 15:01, by God5end
ICC Worldcup Finals ( Ind VS Sl )03.31, 04:3581Antartican04.06, 12:59, by Barbarian-Fishy
ICC Worldcup Champions India04.03, 08:2518Antartican04.06, 12:43, by Liongo
New to heroeswm.ru03.27, 21:1912Lord CrashCore04.06, 03:59, by Lady Takesister
RUS PYLIT!04.05, 17:084BAPBAP_RUS04.05, 17:19, by Lord togort
Attention all Combat level 10 Lords!03.01, 19:4742#4201SwitchBlad304.05, 14:31, by #4201SwitchBlad3
who like maher zain?09.04, 16:307Lord angah16004.05, 13:09, by coolahed
Heroes 6 coming soon04.04, 13:1110Lord mehdi_z04.04, 16:30, by elbuster
April Fool's Day04.01, 04:1111lakshyaismyname04.02, 20:47, by God_of_LWM
does anybody know this song?04.01, 01:352Baloo-the-Bear04.01, 23:12, by Baloo-the-Bear
question about naapie head04.01, 16:019Lord susliks12304.01, 16:30, by SLAYERblade
Heroes of might and magic vi Offical thread03.31, 23:181#1209FearMyArmy03.31, 23:18, by #1209FearMyArmy
Roulette: numbers 0 and 0003.26, 11:2415Bblkycu03.31, 22:29, by Lord Cygara_i_pety
ICC Cricket Worldcup-201103.04, 15:40135Antartican03.31, 04:33, by Antartican
[BUY] TGI 1k03.30, 22:504xWounded03.30, 23:02, by xWounded
Best Player of LWM02.28, 04:1623Liongo03.30, 16:00, by Lord shawnanston
awesomeee03.27, 11:5822xWounded03.29, 11:29, by xWounded
levl 17 in .ru03.27, 05:039Lord _ARMENIA_03.27, 05:34, by Lady sry
Eradicate03.26, 06:0212Mitashjain03.26, 07:47, by Kiz
all who are using steam get off03.25, 18:373naapa9203.25, 22:20, by naapa92
not yet come03.24, 17:396thisthatman03.24, 18:47, by quickuser
commercial for the game03.23, 18:099Mr_Pringle03.24, 15:14, by Lord susliks123

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