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Favorite Musician(s) Or Singer(s) Or Band(s)06.04, 18:0368Goku_3006.26, 03:34, by Goku_30
Music Videos (Eng)06.20, 14:155GKH06.25, 18:41, by Lord VAZ_2110
words that change your mood (plz keep it positive)04.23, 06:3941azabukinie06.24, 03:32, by Hypothermia
DMC fans06.03, 08:3519Goku_3006.23, 10:17, by Goku_30
Who is from "heroeswm.ru"?05.01, 13:33259Lord ZloPihatel06.22, 17:14, by Lord Atheros
Roulette tips and tricks06.21, 08:2614bhuchosen06.21, 14:19, by GKH
Other browser game06.21, 03:113Lord elf_8906.21, 03:18, by Lord elf_89
Hehe....06.19, 11:5110Asterix8106.20, 13:52, by Borbogorims
a new faction!06.20, 08:248lordua06.20, 09:09, by Grusharaburas
Minotaur Taskmasters Hunt record lv 5's06.18, 14:2911SmileyReborn06.19, 12:12, by SmileyReborn
Super Beasbane set!06.18, 02:116Lord Ghost_Face06.18, 22:53, by Sven91
Wobbling building?06.14, 03:346Kiz06.18, 17:39, by coolahed
King of the hill06.15, 10:0937monkeychunky06.18, 15:49, by monkeychunky
Russia is beaten and finland is in the finals!!!!!!05.13, 21:0019naapa9206.18, 12:58, by coolahed
LordsWM Quiz! Prizes up for grabs! Read first post.06.17, 03:5233joechue06.17, 05:54, by joechue
Quiz(in game)04.07, 08:34176niranjan201006.16, 09:56, by Sven91
ru account's06.16, 03:392#7705soccer_1006.16, 03:43, by Lady Takesister
NBA Finals 2011 (sharing your thoughts)06.13, 03:206#7153Lord cantbstopped06.13, 23:24, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
Writing Rap06.08, 23:3127Wise_Spender06.13, 09:34, by GKH
What has become of the Great Modi?06.12, 04:542Nebuchadnezzar06.12, 04:59, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Revolution?06.10, 12:0620Borbogorims06.11, 10:19, by Borbogorims
School Football Team!06.10, 13:5213Liongo06.11, 05:38, by Liongo
xCNxNanda is hungry06.06, 19:3629Lord hablaty06.10, 10:14, by coolahed
Who won the second world war. poll06.08, 10:1620mag_Kerr_Laeda06.09, 10:50, by mag_Kerr_Laeda
Is there any chance of world war -3?06.06, 08:0825Lady Nevruga06.08, 22:27, by Wise_Spender
Best MC leader and MC06.01, 20:1748conna06.08, 19:31, by #9595Lord xxxSaber
matomato12 is idiot06.03, 08:3211matomato1206.08, 19:22, by agent_004
Incredible and interesting fighhts!08.01, 10:3845Skotinka_is_bak06.08, 19:18, by agent_004
italians :D06.08, 18:466matomato1206.08, 18:54, by matomato12
russian lords of war and money06.06, 18:156LostChild06.07, 05:52, by Kiz

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