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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Look like illegal transfers02.06, 18:181Ibn_Sina02.06, 18:18, by Ibn_Sina
Intended having merged fight02.06, 16:481R_HAUER02.06, 16:48, by R_HAUER
Sky_lim Profanity and insulting others02.06, 14:551#7153Queen_Amanda02.06, 14:55, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Illegal Transfers Between Multis01.30, 14:0510Lady sry02.06, 12:31, by Lady sry
sure to be multis02.06, 11:021Lord kiwi02.06, 11:02, by Lord kiwi
transfer02.06, 09:331TheBigFatOne02.06, 09:33, by TheBigFatOne
Looks suspicious....check him out02.06, 07:061#7153limustudotcom02.06, 07:06, by #7153limustudotcom
I just realized I broke a couple of multi related rules.02.06, 06:081Acila02.06, 06:08, by Acila
I ask to punish.02.06, 04:233spaun02.06, 04:56, by High-wizard
Malicious infringement is possible!!!02.06, 02:251spaun02.06, 02:25, by spaun
Can you block my multis?02.05, 15:132CrossXVamki02.05, 22:04, by Lord Patriot
lose a battle purposely02.05, 15:455SetsunaFSeiei02.05, 22:03, by Lord Patriot
Nickname02.05, 20:402Sven9102.05, 22:02, by Lord Patriot
quitting transfer02.05, 19:183Smaskir02.05, 19:32, by FasterThanWind
Mathews transferring & playing simultaneously02.05, 16:342Ramendil02.05, 17:31, by Ramendil
multi character of dew02.02, 11:037MalfurionStorm02.05, 12:06, by MalfurionStorm
cheaters02.05, 06:559TheImmortalSin02.05, 10:54, by AnuNaki
Same person using 2 characters for same battles12.01, 09:577WickedStreak02.05, 06:33, by TheImmortalSin
bad name02.05, 03:421matt__77702.05, 03:42, by matt__777
huge multi transfers02.05, 02:092evle7002.05, 02:14, by DXTricksterXXX
Multis transfers02.04, 22:132Xanxas02.05, 01:45, by Xanxas
Inappropriate name01.05, 21:504Taberah02.05, 01:22, by Lord Patriot
close my acc pls02.04, 16:116Tonti-wing02.04, 21:00, by Lord Patriot
Foul language12.31, 12:394Illwin02.04, 20:58, by Lord Patriot
Multiple transfers between subsidiaries02.04, 09:303Petmar_Zreing02.04, 20:52, by Petmar_Zreing
To many addition accounts02.03, 04:133#7181Lord MasterTI02.04, 16:35, by Linderoth
transfers02.04, 16:072Lord BaR-Bar02.04, 16:08, by Lord BaR-Bar
transfers02.04, 15:392#7279ARdimNa02.04, 15:47, by #7279ARdimNa
Penalty for me? OMFG02.04, 13:422Nullby02.04, 13:50, by #4201Shebali
Unfair chat ban02.03, 23:292#7382DeasprateDesire02.04, 09:30, by Zyanya

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