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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Block01.23, 16:275Kamila01.24, 09:22, by Elf-killer
big transfer plese block it...01.18, 07:2115Elf-killer01.24, 08:46, by High-wizard
He want give password01.24, 03:411Lord Patriot01.24, 03:41, by Lord Patriot
suspicious transfers01.24, 00:443#10886techy01.24, 02:08, by #7382DeasprateDesire
suspicious transfers by characters that just reached level 301.23, 14:553Lady fusei01.23, 21:01, by Lady fusei
Star Wars Multis01.23, 05:071Gandolf512301.23, 05:07, by Gandolf5123
Extremely obvious multi01.23, 05:031MaChaoShu01.23, 05:03, by MaChaoShu
multis01.23, 01:443_ricarj_01.23, 02:13, by DeatH_KnighT
Penalty for transfers ?01.22, 21:136Nullby01.23, 00:50, by #7181Omega22
possible mults01.17, 09:128Lord Vhailor01.22, 21:42, by #7382DeasprateDesire
illegal transfers, and having 3+ accounts12.31, 14:4018aaiiv1301.22, 15:14, by Arctic
BLOCK ME!!!01.22, 13:333iceyii01.22, 13:35, by minotaursoldier
Breaking of the character01.22, 12:552HAC_PATb01.22, 13:00, by HAC_PATb
titos86 insults01.19, 08:205Pain8101.22, 12:58, by Arctic
Suspicious transfers12.26, 01:2717#7181Omega2201.22, 12:15, by Arctic
obvious multi01.22, 11:411Luminesence01.22, 11:41, by Luminesence
Using foul language01.22, 09:062Zafira01.22, 09:11, by #7365Lord Kotrin
muilts01.22, 07:061#7181Lord lukeman5678901.22, 07:06, by #7181Lord lukeman56789
Illegal transfers between multis01.22, 07:051Allannah01.22, 07:05, by Allannah
Block my Character01.22, 03:352Bender6901.22, 03:53, by Jellytime
illegal transfers -Zrhkrr01.21, 18:401Allannah01.21, 18:40, by Allannah
Financial transfers01.19, 22:253Nullby01.21, 15:58, by Nullby
penalty for him?01.21, 10:591Lady Straws01.21, 10:59, by Lady Straws
Intentional throwing of group duel01.19, 09:528Aglannara01.21, 10:50, by Lady Straws
Insulting a Player by chaosmatter01.21, 07:032Bholden2no101.21, 08:16, by Zyanya
Obscenities during battle01.20, 21:391Ramendil01.20, 21:39, by Ramendil
Grobbedijk- illegal transfers01.20, 15:531#7153Queen_Amanda01.20, 15:53, by #7153Queen_Amanda
spasibo and credit....01.19, 06:085Hero-boy01.19, 07:11, by Lady misself
Killeripod7 spamming chat in a group battle01.18, 18:285Gassiej01.18, 23:31, by Lady misself
Mobik swearing and insulting while observing battle01.18, 17:502Ibn_Sina01.18, 18:14, by gurumao

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