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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Another financial transfer01.15, 21:051Nullby01.15, 21:05, by Nullby
Multis01.15, 14:251Naargi01.15, 14:25, by Naargi
roulette cheaters (this time for real!!!!!!!)01.15, 13:0210driventospeed01.15, 13:30, by driventospeed
block my multis please01.15, 10:112Lord Ortan01.15, 10:22, by #7181Omega22
round shield for 7000 gold !!!01.15, 07:004wizardhero01.15, 09:00, by Zyanya
is this transfer allowed ?01.15, 07:385wizardhero01.15, 08:55, by Zyanya
Block this char please01.13, 11:307Black-Guardian01.15, 04:25, by Lady misself
Foul language01.15, 02:223robintiohoot01.15, 03:06, by robintiohoot
reporting01.15, 01:594Lord biceps01.15, 02:46, by sjb50
Transfers01.15, 01:281Knight_Man01.15, 01:28, by Knight_Man
this money transfer is allowed ?01.14, 16:197wizardhero01.14, 16:49, by #4201Shebali
Intentional AFK01.13, 17:462D00g01.14, 07:08, by Pang
roadonblood being rude in chat durring combat01.14, 05:411azabukinie01.14, 05:41, by azabukinie
Additional characters loan12.31, 19:583Lord Overlord01.13, 12:17, by Lord Overlord
Insult and humiliate in combat01.13, 12:101Lady Hrust01.13, 12:10, by Lady Hrust
Financial Assist (UnknownPerson)01.13, 06:062XX201.13, 06:07, by DarwenAward
My Clan01.13, 00:334LesPaul01.13, 00:55, by Zyanya
blocked01.12, 21:411Jazza01.12, 21:41, by Jazza
blocked01.12, 21:401NuggettLJK01.12, 21:40, by NuggettLJK
demonknight01.12, 16:283lightingSword01.12, 21:39, by #10886techy
Block Black-Guardian01.12, 18:261RandhyTheDarks01.12, 18:26, by RandhyTheDarks
foul language in combat01.12, 09:154White_Pisces01.12, 16:43, by Lord veteran
financial assist from friend01.12, 11:363Lady Straws01.12, 12:28, by Oei_Soen_Djiang
innapropriate username01.12, 11:181DarwenAward01.12, 11:18, by DarwenAward
kingsid and anku01.12, 09:303super_power01.12, 09:34, by Lady misself
Multis registration01.10, 04:033Lord Unexplained01.12, 08:52, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Multiaccounts01.12, 08:361Lord Derryk01.12, 08:36, by Lord Derryk
Large Suspected web of Finance assistance.01.03, 08:403#4201Lord Dizbe01.12, 02:43, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Foul Language01.12, 00:583#7279ARdimNa01.12, 02:19, by Lady misself
faul language...AGAIN01.11, 19:383Buh01.11, 21:17, by Lady misself

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