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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
transfers02.01, 23:056AnuNaki02.04, 07:26, by High-wizard
Penalty of 1 gold for transfers over 50000?02.03, 22:553LordSchniesel02.04, 07:20, by #7365Lord Kotrin
loan & market buys02.04, 03:491AnuNaki02.04, 03:49, by AnuNaki
lvl 7 multi accounts transfer02.04, 01:564ReallyThor02.04, 02:15, by ReallyThor
Tamil50's swearing in game02.02, 19:482Ramendil02.04, 02:09, by Lord Patriot
Lots of flaming and non-english talk01.24, 22:142Morandovisar02.04, 00:30, by Lord Patriot
foul an holy words01.27, 07:495rocks02.04, 00:26, by Lord Patriot
Transfer02.03, 08:439Lord Squalo02.03, 23:33, by #7382DeasprateDesire
Using clan as &#180;"bank"02.03, 20:502Smaskir02.03, 22:19, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Bad Language12.30, 19:315#7153limustudotcom02.03, 22:18, by Lord Patriot
Clearly a multi with transfers02.02, 20:321Nullby02.02, 20:32, by Nullby
Swearing and unplesantness during battle01.30, 17:165Petmar_Zreing02.02, 19:47, by Ramendil
What is it?02.01, 10:118Flamor02.02, 18:24, by necroman1998
ceruberu insult02.02, 12:102TheBigFatOne02.02, 12:23, by Zyanya
transfer02.01, 20:1511pega02.02, 09:36, by High-wizard
transfer02.02, 06:211Lady Straws02.02, 06:21, by Lady Straws
multis not respecting he game rules02.01, 09:566Arkapal_1102.01, 20:03, by Lord Ophidian
transfers02.01, 15:471Lord BaR-Bar02.01, 15:47, by Lord BaR-Bar
block me02.01, 13:111Lady Ena02.01, 13:11, by Lady Ena
I loan Mighty_Warrior 6k and when I pm him he never reply02.01, 12:354expert02.01, 13:05, by #7181Omega22
financial assist02.01, 10:043Hatred02.01, 10:54, by ReallyThor
lose on purpose02.01, 10:221Morbent02.01, 10:22, by Morbent
multi transfering02.01, 02:268evle5002.01, 03:42, by Hero-boy
Illegal Transfer02.01, 02:491evo102.01, 02:49, by evo1
transfers01.31, 21:151#7382Kind_Knight01.31, 21:15, by #7382Kind_Knight
Begging for money - rule break 3.101.31, 19:452Halbarus01.31, 19:46, by Zyanya
Cheater01.27, 20:548#7153Elven_Lord01.31, 16:39, by #7153Elven_Lord
cheaters01.31, 06:297#7382DeasprateDesire01.31, 15:43, by #4201aRU
Multis with Similar Name01.31, 03:184Gandolf512301.31, 15:17, by Gandolf5123
block me01.31, 11:501SuperSheep01.31, 11:50, by SuperSheep

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