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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Still no blocked or gold penalty player02.10, 19:592FasterThanWind02.10, 20:32, by Sven91
multi transfer's02.10, 12:543expert02.10, 14:52, by AnuNaki
Fled from combat02.10, 14:114AtomniY_baton02.10, 14:35, by LeNgZaISD
loan not return and have 3 accounts02.10, 13:482sandyvandy02.10, 13:50, by expert
stupid and sore loser02.10, 11:012FurianStormrage02.10, 11:18, by FurianStormrage
multis transfers02.02, 12:262XX202.10, 11:15, by XX2
Multi transfers02.07, 05:2416ExDeath02.10, 09:07, by Lady misself
Suspicious Transfers02.10, 07:412Kady02.10, 07:49, by DarwenAward
boxcar82 vulgar02.09, 22:522necro_66602.10, 00:26, by FasterThanWind
Odd (illegal?) transfers02.09, 15:501Ramendil02.09, 15:50, by Ramendil
Noob calling02.08, 12:009apoe02.09, 10:39, by Lady misself
Extortion02.09, 01:181Polosataya02.09, 01:18, by Polosataya
Two violations by one player02.08, 21:533Ryric02.09, 00:59, by Ryric
Automated bidding02.08, 14:284MacHelm202.08, 18:37, by #4201Shebali
multi - rule breaker02.08, 17:271Sven9102.08, 17:27, by Sven91
LizaDraculina - illegal transfers02.08, 17:241Zyanya02.08, 17:24, by Zyanya
multi transfer's02.08, 15:171expert02.08, 15:17, by expert
Olafs02.08, 14:261Ramendil02.08, 14:26, by Ramendil
Multi account transfers and combat rule violations.02.08, 11:071Ravage_mk202.08, 11:07, by Ravage_mk2
Multi Transfer- Cheating02.06, 05:5213Lord SOUVIK02.08, 10:14, by ReallyThor
illegal transfer02.07, 12:369FasterThanWind02.08, 06:11, by Lady Straws
multi violations02.03, 01:225Lady Straws02.08, 02:23, by #7382DeasprateDesire
I win in the 2 towers and one player ofend my02.07, 16:072Precao02.07, 16:15, by #4201Shebali
illigal transfers and battles02.07, 11:288Lord Celtic02.07, 11:44, by RageX
using abusing words02.07, 08:472dreadlord102.07, 11:03, by Zyanya
Block me01.25, 12:395FastBlackWolf02.07, 10:04, by Lord Patriot
lose a batle02.06, 23:033AtomniY_baton02.07, 08:36, by Zyanya
Possible cheater02.07, 03:272#7382DeasprateDesire02.07, 08:31, by Zyanya
multi accounts01.30, 02:0025ReallyThor02.07, 03:34, by ReallyThor
Look like illegal transfers02.06, 18:181Ibn_Sina02.06, 18:18, by Ibn_Sina

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